Write, Just Write and Let the Others Do the Editing

There are more individuals who are trying to express through writing. Most of these are being done on blog posts. There are instances when a writer would want to make a piece clean or mistakes and as a result the writer would edit the things while he is composing the piece. Multi-tasking is not a bad thing and there are some professions that might consider it as a useful skill in carrying out specific tasks. For writing, it might not be advisable to multi-task. There might be some disadvantages that it would bring if a person would do one more thing rather than just writing. It is one thing to write, it might be a skill that should be mastered or a person needs to focus on something to create on content material. Editing is also another skill that needs focus for it to be carried out properly.


If a person would want to create that one content, focus is needed. Just try to focus on the thoughts that are needed to be conveyed as messages. A person should disregard just even for a while those red and green lines that might appear on their Word application while they are creating the material. Even if the person is competent to do the edits himself to his own works, the person should save the editing for a later time most probably after when all the writings have been finished. It is just okay to make a few mistakes initially here and there. Every person can make a mistake as this is normal. No one person has the capability of creating a content that is perfect on every single occasion. It would not be bad to aim for perfection but that would only cause pressure and stress to the writer and might affect the quality of the final material.

This habit of self-editing while writing would not just go away with a snap of the finger. It might take a while and by patience and practice this would be avoided. Just like any other habits, avoiding it is one thing and there might be instances that habits are hard to break. Having said that, it would take a lot of practice for a person to stop or minimize the habit of self-editing while still on the process of writing a material. It might take quite a while before changes would be noticed but it is not an impossible task.

It is easier to learn one thing in comparison to unlearning them. But nothing beats the old saying of “practice makes perfect” and also “try and try until you succeed.” Another note that might be needed to consider at this point would be the difficulty of editing one’s own work. As much as a person tries his hardest, it is very challenging to edit a personal work. It would not be easy to spot one’s own mistake or where to put the corrections as what is correct might not be the one that the writer has initially put into the material. Noticing it would be a task since, it would not be easy to unlearn what has been practiced for a certain period of time. This is one of the challenges in self-editing and thus another factor that would not be helpful for a person while trying to put on a good quality reading material.

A person can ask another to edit his work as there would more advantages to this. One possible advantage for the writer would be is that he would be more focused on writing and just simply writing. It would not hurt if one might spend a few bucks every now and then to hire a person to edit his work. Or if this would be too much, he could work with another and maybe come up with a cross deal that would benefit them both in the end. There are other professionals and/or freelancers who might want to work with an author about editing or proofreading task, it might be useful on putting up a post on social media when looking for those competent individual that is fit to do the task at hand.

The ideas which are previously expressed might help an aspiring writer in delivering more quality material. Self-editing might just make more errors in the end and would not be helpful for the assignment. Though there might be some points where the self would gain more knowledge about editing the material, it would not hurt to let another person to look into the work and might give some helpful tips as well.

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