How To Write Short Posts That Make a BIG Impact!

Not everyone enjoys reading essay length blog posts; sometimes writing less can make a bigger impact than let’s say writing a 2,000 word blog post. Sometimes I can sit and read a blog post that’s so long and by the end of it still don’t know what I’ve just read, what about you, has that ever happened to you?

How To Write Short Posts

Anyways, if you want to write short posts and want to make a BIG impact with just a few words, here are a few tips to make your post stand out.

Create a compelling headline title that begs to be clicked on!
Start off with an interesting photo or short video (optional of course)
Boom! Go straight in with the main points of your topic in the first few paragraphs and forget the long winded intro.
Ask all important question for your readers to think about and answer in the comment section. (engagement)
Make your readers think! Get controversial without offending of course.
Create buzz by posting a question on social media sites, Facebook group pages and blog community sites and linking it back to your post.

…And you will make a bigger impact with just a few words…

So what do you think? Do you have anymore suggestions to add? Leave them in the comment section below as always, and yes I know this post is short and sweet 🙂

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

12 thoughts on “How To Write Short Posts That Make a BIG Impact!

  1. Oh. Nice article. Only vibing real talk in ways of system right now. The length is sometimes catchy as short but mainly no more 150 words for that. Doing more living and passion work in the field of healing sessions in Peru. Nice vibe here.


  2. Hi Gaurav,
    Great post buddy. I prefer writing 300 word blog post to 1000 word blog post. Is it acceptable? On the other hand I agree that the content matters most.



  3. I totally agree with you Its all about the quality and not the quantity. Those “Low impact posts” are really scattered all over the web. You need to provide visitors with valuable stuff.
    BTW I am a big fan of ZenHabits. Your blog is very useful. Keep that up.


  4. Good advice on the quality vs quantity angle. High numbers of low quality posts can lose you visitors as they don’t want their time wasted by having to look them!
    The high impact section makes a good checklist to see if any new post you are writing is up to scratch.


  5. Hey Gaurav, I totally agree with you. Now a days no one has time for reading a full length article. Everyone wants it to be short but it should be effective.

  6. Thanks Gaurav!

    I have actually observed briefer posts on your blog and already knew one of the writer’s would create an article about how exactly you do not need to get wordy to make your point. My personal hunch has been just right, nowadays. ??

    I agree totally that your articles does not need to be 1,000 words or even more to be significant. Occasionally, you’re able to say a lot more by writing little.

    Do not restrict who you are (I’m acquiring my personal assistance) just by writing a specific amount of content. Your readers could find it exciting to read through a 500-700 word article. However, if you’ve got an in-detail article to write about, write and publish it.

    Keep in mind, give your visitors what they really want. Actually, you might need to question them what they really want and are looking for.

  7. Avoid composing once you’re ready to fully interacted your point — do not continue writing for the purpose of handling some proposed word count.”

    Exceptional point! Precisely why consume important online real-estate with half truths? Say everything you intend to say and talk about something different. Simultaneously long form and short content have their place.

  8. Hi Gaurav

    Nice and quick and helpful.

    Your aim was brief and to the point in time.

    Although I must debate that only a certain type of contents would complement this style of authoring. I have observed a few pretty poor examples of short blog articles created because of a lazy effort from the writer.

    When would you utilize short posts ?

    And how can they be used effectively to bring a point across ?

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