How To Write An Ebook From Scratch

Do you know how to write an eBook?

Even if you think you know how to write an eBook, are you sure you know how to write an eBook that will compel your readers to either give up their money or their email address in order to get it?

Learning to write an eBook is a skill that is essential to earning serious blogging income. Look at virtually any good blog on the Net, and you will likely see an eBook or several eBooks for sale.

eBooks can be the meat and potatoes of your on blog marketing. You can use an eBook as an opt-in gift for potential subscribers or as products to sell on your blog. Once you’ve learned to write your first successful eBook, you will have the skills to produce many of them – providing a passive blogging income for as long as you wish.write-an-ebook

What’s So Great About eBooks?

Call them what you will – eBook, guide, manifesto, blueprint, method, or blogging course — eBooks are here to stay because people want them and continue to buy them. Why? If written properly . . .

  • They will solve reader’s problems and address their needs.
  • They are easily accessible and immediately available.
  • They can incorporate other mediums, like video and audio.
  • There is more options  with creative design and layout than with print books.
  • Your book is completely under your creative control.
  • It’s the cutting edge of self-published book production.

Creating an eBook isn’t hard – in fact, it’s easy and  fun! But you need to implement proven and tested methods to be successful and profitable.

Select your subject.

You don’t need to write the manifesto on your topic. A great eBook idea should be narrow and focused but not overwhelming for your audience. Also, don’t give away all your best material as you may want to write a second eBook. Be sure to make the content useful and practical.

What issues and problems tend to bother your audience? Write to solve a pain that your readers have and they’ll love your ebook. You could poll your audience and give them some choices to find out what they would be interested in.

Create a Roadmap

Just layout a vision of where you’re headed and where you want to end up. You could create a mindmap or just make a list of chapter titles and major sections. Search in Amazon books and look through their free previews of similar books to expand your ideas.

Start writing using a proven blueprint

  • Quotation at the beginning of the chapter
  • A relevant story or case study half-way into the chapter
  • Workbook exercise at the end of each chapter

Write everyday

 Break your writing down into smaller segments. If your writing a 10,000 word ebook then write at least 1000 words per day for 10 days.

  • Schedule your daily writing for optimum output. If you write better in the mornings then block out that time.
  • Set a timer. I use the The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. There is also a Pomodoro iPhone app this is great. Having the clock tick away in the background is helpful for staying on task.
  • Don’t chase rabbits. If you need to research facts jot down a note about this and come back to it later.
  • Don’t edit during writing mode. Come back to make your corrections during the editing stage.

 Editing and final changes

Read through your whole ebook in one sitting checking for duplicate material, missing content, and chapters that need to ordered differently.  Next add in quotes, graphics and hyperlinks from your research.

Print our your ebook

Convert your ebook into PDF format. Read your ebook through one more time slowly. Pay careful attention to confusing sentences, misspelled words and missing words and phrases.

You can also get lots more help with writing your ebook by signing up for our free Passion to Profit Guide.

Write a comment below and tell us about an ebook you’ve written or plan to write.

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