How to write beautiful and Inspirational blog post for readers?

Whenever some start a blog the first thing comes to his mind is “how to write a good blog post” so that it can attract readers and other Bloggers. If you are a blogger then you know very well that how difficult to write a blog is. When I was start blogging I was afraid of two very important things that how to write posts and how to promote them. Today I am going to explain you some strategies which comes with my experience.

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Blog Post Must Cover the Entire Topic

First of all keep one thing in mind that the post you are going to write must cover the full topic step by step before nobody likes half fried chicken, yeah in case of Egg I love to eat half fry. For this I have my own strategy. Before writing my post I write headings. This helps me a lot to write full post in a sequence and it does also help my visitors to easily understand the entire thing what I want to explain them.

Your Post Must Be Easy to Understand

It’s very important to write easy to understand post. I saw many Bloggers try to write their post in hardcore English but in my opinion articles written in soft and smooth language are easy to understand for everyone and it helps to increase audience. I always try to write my articles in very simple language because my articles are not only for English country people. Hardcore English sometimes create problems to understand especially in Asian and Russian countries.

Your Post Must Be Meaning Full

Meaningful articles always help to create regular audience for your Blog and revisits help to make your brand importance in the eyes of search engines and it also very helpful to reduce bounce rate. So always try to write meaningful articles.

Tune up Your Article before publish

Tuning up your article means to check grammatical errors, spell mistakes and verbs before publish. You can use any third party software to check these things. If you are using WordPress then you can use Proofread to check these kinds of errors. Proofread is a free tool available in WordPress. We have also many online free tools available to check grammatical errors one of my favourite is You can also go for professional tools like But they charge around $200 per year to use this software.

Case Studies

Case studies are always very inspirational and readers and especially newbie’s love to read them. I know it’s difficult to add a case study in every post but if you have any self experience then you must highlight and share it with your readers because it’s increase your credibility among your visitors. It’s also because if you are writing something for someone then they must know that how experienced you are in your field.

Try to Write on New Subject and Controversial Stories

Conversational stories are always very helpful to increase traffic on your website. Search engines loves to promote new things and fresh content and if you find any new controversy immediately write an article on it because newly born controversies has less competition your site may rank quickly on these subjects.

Article Length

Article length is also a big factor in terms with search engines and visitors. According to search engines a topic can cover in minimum of 450 words and maximum of 4000 words. I usually write 500 to 700 words articles because minimum length is unable to cover the topic and maximum length make my visitors bored. So with this strategy i keep both of my friends (search engines and visitors) happy.

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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