WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

Blogs are now one of the most used sources of information on the internet. Most people, however, use tools such as

Major Differences Between Wordpres.com and WordPress.org
Major Differences Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org

WordPress to create their blog for the reason of pure simplicity. WordPress allows you to change your blog’s theme, write and edit posts and pages using their simple editor (or HTML editor, depending on what you want to use), and manage comments, users, and many more settings. With all of these features being free, you can see how WordPress became popular. WordPress eventually created two different versions of WordPress; a version you can host yourself (on your server and domain name) or a version that they host for you.

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The Comparison

How they are the same

WordPress.com and WordPress.org may be entirely different in some ways, but they do have some common characteristics such as their easy to use editors, flawless PHP systems, and their allowance to let communities be built. Honestly, I don’t feel like whipping out an HTML editor just to write an entire post or page, when I can just pull out my WordPress editor (using either version) and do it in about three-fourths of the amount of time. They both can get the job done fast and easily. Along with simplicity (I seem to mention simplicity a lot. Do you get that it’s simple, yet?), on both versions of WordPress you can use many themes. Themes allow you to change the appearance of your blog, furthermore allowing your blog to look better (I am using BusyBee from Woothemes).

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How they are different

Although both versions of WordPress have a few similarities, they differ as wordpress.org offers many features. Imagine wordpress.org as a parent and wordpress.com as a small child. Which one will get more rights? Obviously the parent – wordpress.org has many more rights. In my opinion, the two best features made visible with wordpress.org are the plug-ins and themes. Plug-ins are small files that you can upload to your blog that allow you to do things that aren’t easy to do without. For example, I have a plug-in that allows people to tweet my blog post, and the best part is, the only thing I have to do is write the article and hit “publish”! Themes, however, are an entirely new blog design. For example, if you look at the original WordPress theme, you will see that it is blue and white. If you install a new theme, it may come in a variety of colors and allows different functionalities.

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Besides functionality, wordpress.org allows you to remove things like WordPress copyrights. Since you are hosting the blog on your server, you can do whatever you want! If you happen to know some PHP, you can even edit the files controlling other factors in your footer, header, or anything else.

Which one is better?

In my opinion, I would have to say wordpress.org is better for the following reasons;

  • You can install and use themes.
  • You can install and use plug-ins.
  • You may remove copyrights in your blog’s footer.
  • Editable PHP files
  • More settings you can change
  • It’s your server – you may do whatever you’d like!

set up a new wordpress blog

Now, you do have to realize, I know how to do a lot of technology related things that make wordpress.org seem a lot better to me. Ya, the things I know (in this case, FTP and PHP) may be easy to learn, but if you are unwilling, wordpress.org may not seem that great to you. Besides buying hosting, both versions of wordpress are free, so why not get the one that gives you more features? But hey, these are just my views, so please comment with your opinions towards which one is better.


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  1. Hi Gaurav,
    Frankly speaking earlier I thought that these are same, just a difference of org and com. I always use wordpress.com. Do let me know one thing, can we redirect wordpress.com into wordpress.org later?

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