How to Unhide Virus Affected Files and Folders from Command Prompt

Why My Files get hidden?

A file or folder could be hidden due to two reasons, if a user makes it hide or due to virus affect. If users make a file hide then it’s easy to restore it but if it’s due to a virus effect then it’s difficult for a normal user to unhide it. Today I am going to explain How to restore your virus affected hidden file using Dos Command Prompt? Before we continue let’s take a short note on why virus affect my system even I have antivirus installed on it.

How to Get my Files Back Unhide
unhidden your files from command prompt

Why My Antivirus is not working?

Virus attacks are very dangerous sometimes even we have antivirus installed on our computer. As I am an IT Engineer many people and my clients ask me questions that why my PC get affected from a virus or Trojan when I have an antivirus installed on it. First I would like to confirm you that an antivirus can stop a virus attack if it has the definition of that virus. For to get all the definitions you need o update your antivirus at-least once in a week.

How to Unhide or Restore Virus Affected Hidden Files and Folders?

It’s a very common question that I have clean my whole system through antivirus but the effects of the virus has not yet removed. Some viruses leave major effects behind after removal and one of those effects is -all of the files and folders get hidden in the PC. One of the trendy viruses these days which is hiding file is Win7 recovery virus. You cannot unhide them with the simple technique; you need to go through the command prompt.


Click on start button, in search bar type cmd and press enter.

Windows XP

Click start and then click on RUN and type cmd and press enter.

You will see a following black window opened.

Type attrib -s -h -r c:/*.* /s /d and press enter

It will start working. Wait for some time to finish. It will take a few seconds.

Note: – in the attrib command you can see a *.*. Before this *.* you can see a drive letter c:/. Type only that drive name in which you want to unhide your files and folders. Like if you have three drives in My Computer C, D and E and you want to unhide files in you D drive then the attrib command will be like this: –

attrib -s -h -r d:/*.* /s /d and press enter

It will unhide all files and folders in your D drive. You can apply this command only on read and write media like your hard drive or pen drive. This command is not able to work with cd-drives.

And here’s finished the journey. Hope you enjoy reading this.

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