Typical SEO Blunders And How To Avoid Them

Search engines like Google use the domain name like a major indicator of what your website is about. A search bot will document the language in your domain name and after taking a look at your complete site, it’ll determine one main term that best describes what your site is all about. And the vast majority of the time, the word it chooses as your most relative phrase will probably be inside your domain names text someplace. So let’s say you had a goal to make a website called “KatiesKorner” since your name is Katie, and you also sell hot dogs on your own street corner. You chose a “K” for “Korner” mainly because in your vision, you intend to use a company Logo with a big “KK” on it that should help your local branding and advertising. All good plans however…


Domain Name & Branding

You do NOT want to suddenly go and buy KatiesKorner dot com , you need “hotdogsonkatiescorner.com” to ensure that when a person types in “what was that hot dog place on the corner called” they would be much more likely to find your webpage in the search engine results. They are only going to search for “KatiesKorner” if they already remember you. Of course, if they already remember your name why do a search in the first place? Point is,The main thing is you will need your url text to have the words in it that people are typing for the search. It really is the most important thing when you begin to dream up a new internet site. In my case, I thought I wanted my site to be about making money online so I called it makemoneyteam dot com. But I soon began to realize that the keyphrase “make money” were almost impossible to rank for and I had no choice but to switch my sites targeting to free advertising sites instead. I paid dearly for that mistake in terms of effort and time wasted.


Site Launching

Another common mistake is launching your website way too fast. Your website needs to be completely finished, spell checked, and all S.E.O. and header tags finished without cause to make more changes. If the site is up and running for several weeks while you tweak this and that the search robot might see this as a lot of “seo tweaking” and it can cause your rank to fall because the bots perceive it as you are trying to trick them. (which is a gross over-simplification but I merely spared you the SEO jargon… (your welcome).

So when starting a website, starting the process slowly and thoroughly pays off.

You will need to differentiate between a blog and a website. In the case of a blog, it is just the opposite, the more often you switch things around the better (not the meta tags but readable content). More fresh content is what blogs are for. But Google wants a website to be “solid and permanent” info in my opinion. The search engines like Google are better with that compared to how they had been though. A few short years in years past one changed paragraph on the front page would cause my site to go down by around 4 places in the search results. It is way better than that now, but nevertheless there exists a limit to how much you can redesign an internet site without creating a temporary fall in rankings. In particular the structure. If when you first built the web page, you used “on-page css” for your styles and colors, then at a later date you know to employ a remote css file and “call out to it” so as to lessen the amount of code in your main page, that is something which really should have been done before the webpage was published and the change will likely spark a temporary drop in rankings. Your site will recover usually inside a week or two but beginning slower and more methodical might have avoided it. Plus you really should analyze your websites on-page S.E.O. totally free by visiting seotoolsforwebmasters.com and use their free SEO Tools.

Thats all I have got for now however, if I think up more past scew-ups and SEO blunders I’ve made I will reveal how to steer clear of them! Thanks a bunch for reading!

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