Top 5 Ways To Attract Younger Consumers

India is one of the emerging countries in terms of using the internet over the days. Today, customers
spend more time on online purchase or book hotels or transport reservation and many more
things are happening over it and the estimate is that in the coming years the strength of using
internet will grow at the rapid pace. As the data rates are getting lower and the speed of
the internet is getting better, attracts lots of consumers to itself and inclined the customers to the
world of internet.

As the rate of online shopping is increasing at the alarming rate which disappears a sensible
interaction between the company and the ultimate customers which increases the challenge
for them to interact with customers interestingly so that they will remain intact with the
company for many years. So, the company is paying attention and taking measures in this area
so that they can retain their customers for the long run which is a key factor in the success of the
company. Following are the measures that the company is taking in this area are –


Social media is one of the most important platforms in promoting goods or services. It has a
power of wide reach to the targeted audience. It is one of the medium to create brand
awareness among the customers in an inexpensive method. As the most of the Indians are using
various social networking websites such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc. and
extracting the benefit from these websites. So, the companies are using this as a tool to interact
with their customers and retain them for the longer period to compete with their competitors.


Mobile is the pocket-friendly device and people have the access all the time so it is a good
medium to stay connected with the customers. Companies are launching their personalized app
so that they can give them attractive discounts notification and always updated them from the
new arrival. Through this, they can also know about the customer’s preference by cookies which
help them give more suggestions for a smooth shopping experience.


Companies are using new and updated tactics to interact with their potential customers and
retain them by interactive and influential messages. Companies are using various strategies by
sending influential messages to their customers and try to maintain a relationship between
customers and companies. In all these things, a mediator plays an important role in mitigating
the gap between the customers and the company by sending attractive messages by email and SMS


Now a day, no one can deny the importance of reviews in influencing the buying behavior of
the customers. The value of reviews is equal to the advertisement with celebrity. Before taking
the final decision regarding the purchase of the product, buyers go through with the reviews so
that they can have a clear idea about the product. A review can be bad or good, depicts the value
of the product so customer review management plays a crucial role in it. They take correct
measures to satisfy the customers this helps in creating a healthy bond between customers and
company and helps in sustaining the good relationship.


Companies are using the power of customer support as the assistance provided after sales
service which helps the customers to get service at their doorstep. This convenience is
provided by connecting to the call center. All communication system is connected such as SMS,
email or a phone call to know any query which may face by the consumers after their purchase.
This helps in building a strong relationship and influence the customer to purchase another
product of the same brand. This is necessary to sustain the old customers and help in grabbing
the new one.

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