Top 12 Free Tools to Test Website Speed or Load Time

SEO. Google rankings. Conversions. You should be obvious about the point that I’m trying to make. Even a couple of seconds can make a real difference. The speed of your website (the time it takes to load) doesn’t only affect the rate of conversion, but it also impacts the Google rankings. Around half of all internet users will leave your website, if it takes more than 4 seconds to load!

So, what should be your target? Well, you should aim to bring the download time of your website to ‘zero’. But do you actually know what the current speed of your website is? Or how do you test the load time?

Given below are 12 free online tools that you can use to test the speed of your website. By reducing the download time, you can immediately boost the users’ confidence, gain their trust and increase conversions or online sales on your website.

#1. Free Speed Test

It’s, in fact, the easiest way to test the load time of your website. If your site is encountering performance issues, the free testing tool will help you verify its speed in different geographical locations around the world. Webmasters and site owners use this tool to instantly measure webpage loading times.

#2. Load Impact

Created by Gatorhole AB (a specialist in performance testing), LoadImpact provides webmasters a powerful solution to load-test a website. If you don’t want the world to view your site’s test results, you can quickly register for a free account on LoadImpact. If you want advanced reporting, you can check out the pricing section on their website.

#3. Aptimize

This is yet another free speed testing service that you can use. Established by Ed Robinson and Derek Watson, Aptimize came into existence to help businesses speed up their website on the internet. To accelerate websites, the company has also created a special software program called the Aptimize Website Accelerator (WAX).

#4. Web Page Test

It’s also one of the finest webpage optimization tools that you can use to improve the load time of a website. Apart from providing you really useful diagnostic information on site speed, the free testing tool also gives you some key tips or suggestions for performance improvement. Originally, it was a creation of AOL.

#5. IWebTool

Whether you want to compare the speeds of multiple websites or test the download time of a single website, it’s one of the easiest you can use. If you want to check more than one website, you need to enter each URL on a new line, and then hit the ‘Check’ button.

#6. Website Load Testing

Offered by BrowserMob, this tool tests the speed of your site instantly. By using this free service, you can gain a valuable insight into how your website deals with high traffic. Depending on your specific requirements, you can also choose to buy a basic, an advanced or a pro plan. Don’t forget to check out other free tools that BrowserMob has to offer.

#7. GTmetrix

Free to use, this is one of the most useful tools that you can use to get a performance report of your website in a few seconds. Apart from analyzing the speed of your webpage, the services also provides you with breakdown data on Page Speed, YSlow, Timeline etc.

#8. Show Slow

A valuable open-source tool, it helps webmasters or site owners keep track of key performance issues of websites. While using this testing service, you can either go public with your reports or keep them private. In case you want to keep the results away from the public, you can download it here.

#9. Pingdom Tools

One of the best that you can use, the Pingom tool makes it quite easy to check the download time of a webpage. The free services consider every essential element of a webpage to give you a valuable insight. With the results in hand, you can identify the key problems of a website and improve it for better visibility, Google rankings and conversions.

#10. OctaGate

If you’re worried with the slow or poor performance of your website, OctaGate offers a quick solution. By using the provided statistics, you optimize your web page design for higher speed and increased rate of conversion.

#11. Webslug

If you want to compare two different websites in terms of loading time and performance, this is a good tool to go for. Apart from getting valuable competitive intelligence data, you can also use Webslug for testing a single webpage or site.

#12. Web Page Analyzer

The testing tool provides you with three essential data – page size, composition and loading time. Apart from using this free tool to check the overall performance of your site, you can also go through speed tweak tutorials that this website offers at no cost. A great service indeed!

If you’re struggling with a slow website, you can use the above mentioned tools for speed-testing and performance checking. With the stats that these services offer, you can find it easy to optimize your web pages (which may also include moving to a speedier server) for improving Google rankings, site speed, usability and conversions.

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