Startup Business Blogging Takes Patience

With the abundance of easy-to-use website design and ecommerce tools available to Internet users, there’s never been a better time to start up a web-based business. And, because so many of these tools are available for free (blog platforms, etc…) the barrier to entry is practically nothing. Web-based entrepreneurs also benefit from the Internet’s incredible reach. Unlike land-based businesses, they can easily do business with customers from across the globe without incurring any additional costs.  Here’s how startup business blogging could either make or break your business model utilizing some common steps rarely followed.

Know Your Target

The art of seduction is something most people assume is only to be utilized when you’re trying to impress someone you’ve got your eyes on, but for bloggers it can be equally important to use some of these skills when trying to entice your blog’s target audience, although first you have to decide who it is you are going to set your sights on. The first step of a successful blog is to decide who you are trying to aim the articles at. I can’t talk for everyone, but most people wouldn’t go into a bar and aim to seduce everyone there and blogging is no different.


Don’t Knock Brands

Diversity of opinion is a good thing. Good debates are started by differing opinions, so stating your viewpoints on your blog can really get a conversation going. But if you want your blog to be about more than a place to let off steam, tell stories or hold forth on a particular subject – you want it to feature product reviews, for example – when it comes to talking about a brand, how do you know when to stop? There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and just being plain rude.


That is the question. As vlogging becomes more and more popular, bloggers from all around the world are wondering whether they should adapt some (or most) of their content to the video format. Is vlogging a useful tool for improving your online profile? Or will it just lead to an embarrassing flop? This post will help you make up your mind. If you are considering vlogging, you should first ask yourself ‘does my content suit the medium of video?’ and ‘will this add value to my content?’ If the answer is yes to both questions and you are comfortable enough in front of a camera, you should definitely give it a try.

Write Compelling Content

No matter the topic you are blogging about, you are likely not the only blog available to readers. Even if you have interesting things to say, you will not attract the attention of new readers with the outdated blogging layouts of a long list of posts and articles. An interactive blog is the best recipe for keeping your readers’ interest. You want a reader who not only returns over and over to visit your blog, but also shares it with their many friends.  You could consider taking a document for translation by services online and make that content multilingual.

The content of your blog is usually the reason people visit it. Once you entice the reader to visit, if he doesn’t find quality content there, he is not likely to bookmark your website nor choose to follow or subscribe to your blog.

Selling Intelligence

Information products have become a new business since the creation of the internet and especially the blogosphere. Many people see this as a get-rich-quick scheme, but the truth is that while information products can be a successful business, it requires a great amount of effort. The real advantage is that once you do the legwork of creating a marketable product, there is little to no production involved, and you have an unlimited supply of product to sell.

The keys to having a successful information product include establishing a successful blog where you can market and sell the product, determining the market which you will target and properly creating and securing your product so it can be repeatedly sold.

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