Signs of OCD accompanied by the Social Media

There has been an anxiety disorder that has been gaining quite an attraction from the public in recent years. Even if it is not a social-media-effects-on-our lifenew discovery, the obsessive-compulsive disorder has been affecting more children, young adults and matured adults especially with their behavior towards others. This particular anxiety disorder would bring out many reactions mostly negative towards the person and also to people and things that are surrounding him. There have been signs and symptoms to know whether one is suffering from this obsessive-compulsive disorder and could ask around for ways to either control it or at least minimize the not so positive reactions that a person can do when the anxiety disorder attacks.

First sign of this obsessive-compulsive disorder would definitely be obsession. This would start at the very mind of the person. There would be thoughts that would recur which might turn out to be an obsession. It is possible that one can talk to another about these thoughts and/or consult a medical professional to lessen this starting obsession about a thing. As it has been stated over and over again, the greatest cure is prevention. It could not be a total cure for a person with an obsessive-compulsive disorder but it would definitely be a step towards it.

Another possible sign of this anxiety disorder would be addiction towards a person’s status. One person might say that it is just normal to feel a little envious once in a while, but it not normal when it is becoming a ritualistic act. This would be another form of obsession that might just lead to an OCD when it would be disregarded. But this sign of OCD would not be noticed or easily conveyed to another, there would be instances when one would just shrug this sign when he sees it being acted out by a relative or a close friend. At this point, it is important to have an open communication line towards a person that is being seen to have this sign and/or symptom.

Being self-confident is one thing but being over confident is a different one. Often, the latter might also be the cause of why the sign of “pressing own buttons” would occur. The previous three signs that have been stated can be relayed to just one thing and that perfection. No one person is perfect though there is nothing wrong to aim to achieve perfection every once in a while. But a person should also be able to accept that there would be flaws along the way and it cannot be avoided. Peer pressure is one possible factor that might be a cause for this obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is okay to be not the top of the class or the model student each and every single time. A person just needs to do the best that he can and it would be enough. This should be instilled on the minds of people that might get start to think that they would not be accepted if they would not be perfect.

The want to be accepted and liked each and every time is another sign that a person might be suffering from an OCD. At present times, the acceptance rate is often gathered on how many followers or friends a person might have on his social media account. If there is insufficient numbers being produced, one might create more than one account. Having noticed this fact, a person might end up thinking if OCD would eventually lead to schizophrenia. Let one hope not and it is just an anxiety disorder that lead to the want of pleasing more people and being accepted at the same time.

Fifth but definitely not the last sign of OCD would be the want and the need to conquer social media. This is what should be put into mind when this last sign is being tackled, not all the LIKES and the COMMENTS or the VIEWS on a post are deemed to be true. There are instances when a person would just like something because he would just like to click on that mouse and be one of the statistics of who would click first before they actual think. Social media has more positive effects rather than the negative side comments.

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