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What Our Experts Can Do For You!



Branding is one of the best and widely used Digital Marketing Technique. proper branding can bring a huge amount of customers everyday. branding can also help you to sell multiple products under the same name.

For example, if a customer loves our SEO Services and trusts Gaurav Heera Digital Marketing Services,then that same customer is more likely to buy other services or trainings offered by the

Brand is the only personality that identifies a company and it’s products. it relates to key constituencies: customers, staff, partners, investors etc.

so it’s very important to establish a brand over net if you want to play a long term game in Digital Marketing Industry. we can use social media to establish our bran in the eyes of internet surfers. once we successfully established our brand over net we’ll see a significant increase in our sales.

the all above things we can do for you. below listed features is included in brand management.

Each project will contain the following features:

  • Identifying a target market
  • Brand name development
  • Developing a logo (5 different logotypes for inspection and up to 5 revisions per selected logo)
  • Marketing strategy for that particular brand

Adwords Management

Google Adwords is one of the most popular PPC platforms on the internet. PPC, or pay per click, advertisments are shown on websites and search engine and you pay for how many clicks or impressions you get.

It’s easy to use, and everybody can use it! The thing is that if you don’t know what you are doing, you can burn money faster than you earn it.

Like a website needs Onsite SEO, so does adwords account. It needs to be optimized for the right keywords and has to have tracking, to measure ROI (Return of Investment).

So if you don’t know much about Google Adwords and want to stop wasting money, then contact us!

Our experts will do everything for you.

  • Keyword reasearch
  • Create and manage ad’s
  • Analyze your landing page / website
  • Optimize the ads
  • And so much more!

Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to hire someone who knows how to advertise on Adwords!

Article Marketing

As the title says it’s marketing trough Articles. Either you write your own articles or hire someone to write them for you does not matter. Usually it’s done to promote your company, website, product or service your call.

The article has to be good! Provide value, usually providing value for free to those who are interested in the subject.

When writing articles you first need to find out what people are looking for, this is where keyword research will help you. It will help you to find topics and niches in your field that people are looking for.

Then you need to incorporate those keywords to the article and make it look natural.

When you are thinking what should be the title try to incorporate the keyword into your article Title. Your Title need’s to be catchy!

e.g 10 secrets you didn’t know about Article Marketing

This will help your SEO and also make it attractive for the readers.

You don’t have to write long articles, they need to be good! After all the Google updates a good article is around 500 – 2000 words. There are different opinions about the correct lenght of an article some say 500 words is enough, other that under 1000 words is worthless. Go Figure…

Bottomline the article needs to be Relevant no matter how long it is. If the readers like it and spread it etc… it will get popular on published in different places giving you SEO Linkjuice.

Do not oversell in your articles.

After your article is finished, then you need to start thinking about submission to different article directories. Without this Article marketing is worthless. You need to have good article directories where to submit your articles.

You might have a good article but if you don’t know where to publish your articles, the article is worthless. It will not get enough readers to make a good impact on your goal.

You can always learn this by taking courses online and reading ebooks, but that takes Time!

And if you don’t have time to learn it, then why not have the professionals handle it.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing can be a very powerful and fast marketing method. Bringing profitable results in no time. And Social Media is also good for your website, because all major search engines now incorporate social media presence in ranking your website. So having a good Social Media precense is a must.

Think that there is over 800 million people using Facebook Worldwide!

Over 10 Million Australians using Facebook DAILY!

And over Half of them login in daily.

Do you Want to miss out on this ?

When you think of them as consumers, then you have over 5 Million potential clients that you can turn into customers!

Can you Ignore this ?

Facebook Marketing Platform is the Ultimate Platform, where you can target your ad’s with laser accuracy. It works out peoples buying habbits and interests, and shows the ad’s directly to targeted prospects.

Let us Help you by turning your Fans into sales, create ad’s that bring results, increase your fanbase with Real and interested fans and so on… You name it! We do it!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is mostly used to send Emails to people that are on your Email list. Main purpose of sending Emails to your list is hoping to sell them a product or service.

How can it work ?

With Email marketing you are where your customers are… The Inbox!

Think about it, how many times a day you check your emails ? Most people check their emails several times and with Email marketing you are there! In result you get more customers and revenue.

Best way to get results is to send out personalized messages. With our services we can help you send out thousands of Emails that will reach your customers and get you customers.

We offer different Email Marketing services from resurecting a dead Email list to building an email list from Zero!

People are reading emails from Mobiles more and more. There is over 43% chance that emails are read trough a mobile device. We have Mobile-Friendly Email templates to make sure that your email looks good in every device!

Video Marketing

Video marketing can be split into two different marketing techniques, Marketing A video or Marketing with video.

Marketing a Video is usually used to build brand awareness for your company. With this you will give people a taste of your brand, service or product and to get more they will have to visit your website for more information.

In this case you will have to make the video so compelling  that it will promote itself,  go viral etc. Otherwise this method will not work! Make it entertaining and interesting and less about selling.

Other Method is Marketing With a Video. This means that you will incorporate a video into your marketing methods (Newsletter, Press Release, Articles ect). Video usually is summary of your Service or Product, explaining how it works and so on. This can be used to gather data to optimize the sales funnel, Lead Generation, product sales and much more!

Can Video Marketing be good ?

YES! If it’s done correctly video marketing can bring huge amounts of Brand awareness and sales. But beware, if done wrong then the results can be reversed. Video marketing need’s to be done created and managed correctly to see the effects.

You cannot just Create a video and then upload it to Youtube and think you are a Rock Star! Because soon you will find out, that your video is not so good and is not getting that much exposure that you want or hoped.

There are a lot of different aspects to video marketing! And we can help you.

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