Secure Sites (HTTPS /SSL) Will Get a Little Ranking Boost –Google

Have you remember the words of Matt Cutts (Chief, Google Search Spam) in SMX, if not then have a look below..

“I’d love to make security (HTTPS / SSL) a ranking factor in Google search”

SSL and HTTPS -a Ranking Factor
HTTPS and SSL Will Boost your ranking in Google Search

After that announcement of Matt Cutts now Google officially announced (Aug. 6 2014) that HTTPS and SSL is a ranking factor in Google. You can check their official announcement here. They said that they use https as a ranking signal and the sites having HTTPS or SSL connections will get a little ranking boost in Google search results. They have also said that security is the prime priority of Google and they just want to make internet more secure to provide a better and secure user experience.

may be you already know about HTTP and HTTPS and if not the this article may help you understand better about the difference between HTTP and HTTPS Protocols?

Which Certificate You Need for this

According to Google using HTTPS and adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate to your site can give you benefit in SERP. But you need to remember one thing that this thing can give you a minor ranking boost. So before continuing or migrating your site to HTTPS you have to think about it several times because HTTPS or SSL will not able to provide you a major ranking change in SERP.

What According to Me

I’m an internet marketer from last six years and having a big experience in this industry. I saw several change happened in Google’s algorithms since then. I know when to act and when to not. And According to me it’s not a right time to switch or migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS because it’ll take a lot of hard work to migrate it and I think it’s not a worth for a little ranking boost. You could also see how internet marketing industry reacting on this.

See How SEO Industry Reacting on this Statement of Google

I collected some of the major SEO’s tweets and you can also have a look on them below.

SEO Industry on SSL / HTTPS
SSL and HTTPs is now a ranking factor in Google Search

How This Ranking Factor (HTTPS / SSL) Works

According to Google’s John Mueller, it’s a real time signal. It’ll not act like Google’s other offline algorithms like Panda and Penguin. But it’s not mean that you’ll see a major change, but a minor one will definitely. You can watch this video below that what he’s saying about this update. Let’s have a look.

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