Psychological Effects of Facebook on People

Facebook has its users hooked and there seems to be no stopping the growing popularity of this website. People are addicted and they cannot seem to stop checking out the latest updates using their computers and Smartphones. Are you a member of this famous social networking site yet? If not, read on and find out the psychological effects of using this social media website.


Facebook can Increase Feeling of Security

Not all friends added on Facebook are friends in real life. Some of these are acquaintances that have met at work, schools and organizations. They do not necessarily represent strong connections but having a multitude of friends on Facebook can still add a sense of subjective well-being just the same. This is often associated with one’s perception of the self. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, this implies that you are somewhat popular. Although a Facebook users may not personally interact with his friend on Facebook, having them comment on your wall may make you feel that you have a social support. Some people are brave to post their problems on their walls and it is common for other Facebook members to post solutions to these problems or simply let you know that they understand what you are going through.

Facebook can Increase Self-esteem

Facebook has the ability to promote positive representation of the self. There are some stuff you do on Facebook that you would not normally do in face-to-face interactions. While a boy may be shy in expressing his feelings for a girl, Facebook offers a virtual avenue where his thoughts and feeling can be aired without any restriction. Since pictures posted are normally edited versions of themselves, this increases their confidence because they are being represented by an image that they would want to see in front of the mirror in real life. This can remove the inhibitions of a person and reduce their insecurity with their looks. People become more confident in engaging in chats when they could hardly form sentences in conversations done in person.

Facebook can Establish Emotional Connections

Since thoughts and feelings are made known in status updates, you can easily let other people know how you are doing during a given day. People have the tendency to view the updates of other people and cannot help but react to the posts and comments on Facebook. The use of Facebook can be used to let the world know of positive thoughts and emotions but because of different personal perceptions, negative comments can be detrimental to relationships. This is also the reason why businesses prefer to use Facebook for marketing. It’s a venue where real thoughts are heard and it gives them the benefit of learning about what their customers want and need so that they could come up with better products or services.

Facebook can Make You Lose Your Sense of Privacy

Some individuals may like being the talk of the town but there are also those who value their privacy. Because Facebook can connect you to different members around the globe, your profile may be seen even by the people that you are trying to avoid. If you are not careful in choosing the photos and wall posts you share with the community, these may easily be shared by other members. You should be aware that your friends could easily share your photos. Facebook has a feature where you can limit the people who can view your photos and updates. If you want to prevent this, then do the rational and never post controversial comments or refrain from posting your pictures online.

Facebook is a tool that you can use to communicate with family and friends. Its use has its corresponding advantages and disadvantages and it is up to the users to protect themselves from its detrimental psychological effects.

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