How PPC Helps In SEO

People use to find records through yellow page around 20 years back. Now with the technological advancement people can’t even think about it. A website has the number of pages to keep records, provide information and act like a sales person for a business. The website is company’s identity. If its run with right strategies it will serve the purpose like sales or information and if it’s not maintained well, no one would be able to find you on internet world. The role of internet marketing is huge in promoting an online business.  Internet marketing makes sure to come up with latest trends and techniques to get businesses top positions and improve their rankings in search engines. There are different methods employed in internet marketing including SEO, content marketing, link building, using social media, PPC management etc.PPC-for-seo

SEO prime objective is promotion

The prime objective of search engine optimization is to promote a business.  Sometimes promotion is only used to show company’s presence to people. Sometimes it is to build reputation. It varies according to the nature and current status of the business. In focus PPC (Pay per click) advertising is a widely used promotional tool. Before going into details that how PPC helps search engine optimization, let’s first see what PPC is?

What is PPC?

By definition “Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model which is utilize on websites, in which advertisers pay to Google or other host whenever their ad is clicked by the users. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market”.

The rates of PPC have gone up in comparison to 5 years ago.  PPC now requires a proactive and systematic strategy for execution.  It is a proven fact that when a company applies integrated marketing strategy with both PPC and SEO the website receives more clicks, actions and page views.  The PPC really helps SEO and following are the methods used for it.

Organic Visibility

It requires quite hard work and time investment to rank organically for all of the keywords/phrases that are related to your business. You need to bid for those keyword terms on which you are putting your search engine optimization efforts. When crawling on to First page organically, remove those keywords from your ad word count.

The money keywords

You have to be equipped with conversion tracking to see which keywords are leading to conversions.  You have to be good observer to see if a set of keywords leading to positive ROI then you can pay visibility.

Competitors’ name

Normally when you search a company’s name in search engines, you get their main website, blog, local business profile and social media profiles as the top results. Nevertheless one way you can increase some visibility is by buying their brand or product name as a keyword in Adwords

Successful pay-per-click promotion offer remarkable profits and brand-building chances. Every promotion campaign needs alert management. High attention should be paid to changing market trends, bid wars etc. it takes time but produce great results.

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