Five things your About Page needs

An about page is a page that can tell your readers everything about you. As discussed in my past article, an about page can help your readers tell if you are reliable and what you are about. Most people, however, get confused when trying to figure out what should be in their about page. If your average reader only stay for less then a minute, why not make them your about page, the page they will probably click on, be a great one? Your about page needs these five key things to keep it from diving down Death Hill…

How to Design About Page
Important things about your about us page.

An eye appealing design

When looking a website, the human eye usually will look at the colors or design first, and then decide if it wants to continue looking on. By throwing in a terrible design, you make your readers look away before they even read the page! Picture this… You are looking at some random person’s website and you think they might be wasting your time, so you head over to their about page. Once you get there, you see terrible shades of green and orange, arranged in circular splotches, text going around the circles. Once your eyes see the terrible looking design, will you spend any time reading the text? No. By putting in a nice design, you give your readers another reason to look at the page.

A short biography about yourself

Everybody loves seeing their name. Well, with an about page, you can write all about yourself. After you are done doing all the writing about yourself, your readers can then see who you are and where you are coming from. Imagine an about page that didn’t have a biography. That entire about page would be lacking the owner’s age, history, qualifications, and much more. Your biography also allows your readers to get to know you some more, making them more likely to ask for help or buy a product. The more they know about you, the more comfortable they will feel, making them more likely to continue reading.

Your biography should include;

  • Your age
  • Your name
  • Your past history
  • Your qualifications
  • Something that will make your reader(s) be fascinated at you

Your purpose

Other then knowing something about you, readers should be able to say “This guy is teaching me…” or “Oh, he/she feels that…”  If your readers cannot do that, how will they know if you are the service they need?

You don’t even need to write a long page about your purpose. All you should do is tell what you are teaching and why you feel your ways are right. Once readers know what they can learn from you, they will be more likely to become long-term, loyal readers, making your website more likely to get spread around.

Why your readers should chose your website

There are over 2 billion pages on the internet. It is most likely that you have over 20,000,000 other pages in your niche. With all of those competing website, you must encourage readers to chose your website over any other.

By giving simple reasons such as your extraordinary qualifications or special deals, you can easily get readers to become loyal readers. Imagine seeing two websites, one with twenty reasons as to why they are the best website out there, one with no reasons at all. Which one will you be more likely to chose?

In my about page, I use the fact that I am young and that I can teach almost anything about beginning websites to get readers to chose my website. By using similar reasons, your readers will agree that you are “number one” and are the only choice that they can turn to.

A few ways readers can contact you

Even if you have a contact page, your about page should have some ways that your readers can “connect” or contact you. Think about it… If your readers know nothing about you, why would they bother to contact you? By placing some ways for readers to contact you such as on Twitter or by Email at the bottom of your about page, you allow yourself to get the maximum feedback and questions.

Even if you just leave a link to your Twitter account, readers will most likely click on it and follow you, provided that you leave a good about page for them to read. It’s simple. You leave a few links – you get responses and followers. Sounds like a fair trade, right?

What do you think?

What do you think you should include in your about page? Should you even have an about page? Although an about page can help you majorly, what are some of your opinions on it’s downsides?


Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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