Are you a pacifist webmaster

Pacifists are those who refuse to fight. Who would have though, however, that being a pacifist can apply to websites? Well, believe it or not, being a pacifist webmaster can kill your website before it even sprouts its wings. Every other day, I, as well as many others, see websites with so much potential. Most of those websites, however, have webmasters who refuse to put up a good fight, making them lose money faster than they can imagine.

Being a pacifist webmaster is a terrible thing to do. Pacifist webmasters basically don’t know how to fight against websites they are competing with. You may well not even begin starting a website if you are going to be a “pacifist webmaster”. Why? Well, let’s jump into what happens if you ARE a pacifist webmaster;

What happens to pacifist webmasters?

Loss of readers

As a result of refusing to fight against websites that are competing with you, readers tend to side with the other website. If you can’t at least attempt to contend with your competition, why would anyone want to read your content over the competition? It makes no sense to read, learn, and help out someone who isn’t willing to fight to get their site to the top.

In a matter of weeks, the competition will stomp all over your site, only to pick it back up and light it on fire. If you are a pacifist webmaster, your content won’t be read because everyone else will be   heading to the more popular website. Unless you have websites that are previously famous, you will receive minimal visits from readers – making your website fail.

Loss of money

Due to the lack of traffic, you can no longer monetize your website. Without readers, there is no one to click your ads or affiliate links, nor to buy your products. Eventually, you are losing money because you have to pay for the hosting bill, the domain name bill, and much more. Just because you won’t fight back, your website earns no value, making your time furthermore wasted.

In the end, your website become a profitless source of nothing, pulling in no visits or interest. Who’s to blame? You. Your income is now way down, your bank in the red, and before you know it, you are broke.

Are you a pacifist webmaster?

The real question is, “are you a pacifist webmaster”? If you are willing to stomp on the competition, spend some money, and push your way to the top, then no, you aren’t a pacifist webmaster. If you, however, are too wimpy to even wave the white flag, you may well just not start making websites.

Being a pacifist webmaster may seem easier – you don’t have to try as hard – but you are really subjecting yourself to a world of nothingness. So before you decide to become a pacifist webmaster, think about it!

What do you think?

What do you think about pacifist webmasters? In my opinion, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you yourself are one, how do you go about everyday tasks?


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