Marketing Automation: The Email Edition

As a small business owner, the last thing you want is to start an email marketing campaign that leaves your customers running into the arms of competitors. Email marketing programs are a great tool for small business owners; however, if not properly used, they can be the death of your company’s marketing strategy. Avoid getting lazy, and show your customers you have not hired a robot for outreach.

Segmentation is key

Customize all of your emails to show customers you understand what they want and need. For example, you do not want to send a welcome back email to someone who has never bought from you and you don’t want to send a Men’s sale event announcement to someone who has no need to buy something from that department.

Marketing Automation: The Email Edition

Dead end

Do not send your customers on a wild goose chase searching for pertinent information. Put the call to action (CTA) near the top of the page. The CTA is what you want your customers to do after reading the email. For example, do you want your customers to review a product they just purchased or do you want them to look at the current sale happening on your website? Broken links or ones that mismatch CTA can distract customers.


Do not bog down customers’ inbox’s with multiple emails. Only send emails when necessary, such as for an upcoming sale or new product arrivals. Sending too many emails in a short period of time will encourage recipients to transfer emails into their spam folder or even unsubscribe.

Write emails that are straight to the point. Emails that are too long can bore the recipient forcing them to close out without acting on the CTA.

Who and what

Personalize who the email is from and what it is about. Make it recognizable. Do not send emails from an address that doesn’t relate to the message. Set up an email address that represents your business or company name. Using the company name is one of the best options, but some names can be too long or unoriginal. Make sure customers know who the email is from without having to open the email.

Be specific so the recipient does not fear a mass mailing email or possible virus or untrustworthy attachments. Use something like “Buy 1 Get 1 sale begins today,” and avoid subject lines such as “You have to read this.”

But I have a question

Do not use a “do not reply” address. Some customers will have questions or comments after reading your email. The best way for them to contact you is through the “reply” option. If you use a “do not reply” address, you make it more difficult for customers to get in touch.

That did not just happen

Test your emails before sending them out. Just because it looks good in the program does not mean it will properly send. Send a test copy to yourself to ensure all links work, the email loads properly and nothing is out of place.

The schedule of a small business owner can be a busy one. That is why automating your email marketing campaign can be a huge asset to you and your business’ calendar. However, it can make for lazy marketing strategies, which can make you appear less professional or like a robot. Just because you are automating your marketing strategies, does not mean you need to appear that way.

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3 thoughts on “Marketing Automation: The Email Edition

  1. Hi Gaurav

    Nice and quick and helpful.

    Your aim was brief and to the point in time.

    Although I must debate that only a certain type of contents would complement this style of authoring. I have observed a few pretty poor examples of short blog articles created because of a lazy effort from the writer.

    When would you utilize short posts ?

    And how can they be used effectively to bring a point across ?

  2. Appreciated these guidebook. We’ve a supply chain inquiring training which has a specialty in storage warehouse designing, systems, stock handling and benchmarking. We’ve a contact register that is not metameric by sizing of firm, type of query, location etc. We’ve been mentioning about an auto responder system wherein we would definitely deliver follow on posts alongside the line of the original query. Any tips or articles?

  3. Hello Gaurav,
    You must undoubtedly continue your e-mails to your listing. Nevertheless your beginning pair of e-mails ought to have an introductory section reintroducing your self. Whatever together the lines of… It is already been a little bit since we’ve chatted with you believed you may possibly enjoy… Then enter the objective for that specific e-newsletter.

    Commonly just be sincere with your list. It can really be a portion of your appeal. To your clients.


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