Manual Action Spams in Google Webmaster Tool –new Introduction

Manual actions against spam directly affect a website’s ranking in Google Search. According to Google more than 2% manual-action-by-googlewebsites and blogs lost their rankings due to manual actions. Google has its dedicated team which continuously working to get out spammers manually from SERPs. It’s really a bad experience watching unnatural links warnings in Google webmaster tool. We all know that buying or exchanging links may penalize our website or blog at any time but still many of us buying links in one or another way.

How Google Apply Manual Penalties to a website

Whenever a Google’s employee reviews a website or a blog and found anything spammy there which violates Google’s indexing and ranking guidelines a manual penalty may applied to that site.

Google Launch its new tool Called Manual Action

It’s an awesome feature introduced by Google a day before. You can see this button in your Google webmaster tools under search traffic. Before there is no way other than e-mail notifications to find out that is there any manual penalty applied to our site or not. This feature will let you know if your site lost its ranking due to manual penalties. It will also show you the reason behind and will also confirm you that which area of your website is affected. It’s a great tool for webmasters. This tool is also known as manual action viewer. According to Google webmaster central this feature is able to confirm you about –thin content, hidden text, paid links, user generated spam, keyword spamming/ stuffing, full spam.

How Manual Web spam action Works

Whenever your site will get affected from any kind of manual penalty, you will get a warning message in your webmaster tool under manual action button with two headings, one is site wide matches and another is partial matches.

Difference between Site-Wide and Partial Matches

  1. Site-Wide Matches

If your whole site or domain will penalize, you will get warning message in site-wide matches and you will see “all” below affects tab. These kinds of penalties happen due to link spamming. You can see the image below explaining site-wide matches.

  1. Partial Matches

Partial Matches will appear in your Google Webmaster account when a particular area of your website or blog will get affected. You can easily fix this problem and can get your site’s reputation and rankings back. You can see the image below explaining partial matches.

According to Google by fixing errors in your site will not only improve your ranking in Google Search but it will also improve quality of your site in the eyes of your visitors and as well as in the eyes of search engines.

If you get any of the above errors in your webmaster account you need not to be worried about, just try to fix the error and submit your site for a review.

Google always try to make communicate better with webmasters through their great efforts and I hope this tool will definitely help webmasters and bloggers in many terms to improve their sites.

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