List Of Mobile Phone Search Engines And Tips For Optimizing For Them

SEO plays a very crucial role in driving traffic to any site,we go to search engines every day to search something or the other, but many webmasters fail to realize that millions people out there perform billions of searches from their mobile devices. Shouldn’t your site be optimized for these mobile sites, so that you can cash in the traffic?

List Of Mobile Phone Search Engines

  1. Google Mobile – //
  2. Google XHTML for Mobile – //
  3. Yahoo! Mobile – //
  4. MSN Mobile Search – //
  5. Aol Search for Mobile – //
  6. Nokia Mobile Search-//


Pl note: these are the top mobile search engines out there, and the list is in-exhaustive,these sites might load properly only in your mobile device!
The best mobile phones out there run on Android , iPhone and Blackberry! and the search volume is high in these platforms.
Now coming to to point of importance , how to make your site Mobile search engine friendly?!”

On-Page criteria for mobile SEO: Best practices

1. The content must be easily accessible and crawlable:

a. avoid technology frames, Ajax, flash… which are a real brake the easy access to the site. Avoid all design elements that are not necessary.

(b) remember that the display of your site is reduced to the screen size of the mobile phone that calls your site, make sure the titles, meta data, urls, be as small as possible to be correctly displayed on the screens.

2. Key words must match the results of search engines:

a. Google and other search engines develop the concept of the “predictive search” – i.e., after the user has typed a few letters of his research, engines try to predict the research and presents the relevant results.
If you know how the keywords appear in the predictive search, you can optimize your content and your content so that they are optimized on it.

b. follow all optimizations SEO standard including: optimization of the heading (H1, Hey,…)(H6), optimization of the content of the anchor text of the links, optimize title and meta data.

3 Optimize your site for a wide variety of mobile and platforms (Mobile phone, PDA, blackberry…)

a. use a code 100% XHTML (WAP 2.0), cHTML (iMODE) or WML (WAP 1.2)

b. do validate your site through the W3C code validators // & // & //

Improve the crawl and indexing by mobile search engines

1 Implement a file meta.txt and robots.txt for mobile

a. the meta.txt file is a text file that presents the user agent of the best version of the mobile site links on the mobile platform. Make sure that the file exists and that it is at the root of the site.

b. ensure that the robots.txt file is accessible to crawlers of mobile phones

2 Submit your mobile sitemap engines

a. Google, yahoo, MSN and the majority of other engines accept mobile sitemap, then feel free to submit them. The sitemap for mobile use the Sitemap, and a specific tag and a namespace rule additional protocol. More info on the google Mobile Sitemap

(b) If your site is local or regional, you can register at local or thematic directories

3 Linking strategies

a. should develop a strategy of linking with relevant mobile sites to increase your popularity on the mobile web and your mobile SEO.

(b) ensure that your internal linking is the point in linkant the most important pages of the site internally

c. for two (internal and external) linking strategies, use rich text anchor with strategic keywords

4. Analysis of mobile SEO

a. make the benchmark and analyze your performance and the results of your SEO to draw relevant conclusions.

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