How to Launch an E-Book

Now that you know how to write an eBook, the masterpiece that you have put your heart and soul into creating for your readers.

You’ve spent hundreds of hours writing, editing, revising, designing, and producing your eBook, and you are more than ready to get it out to the world. Build it and they will come, right?

Well, not so fast! Of course you can slap your new eBook up on your blog, write a post, send out a few emails and tweets and wait for the sales to come pouring in. But unfortunately, “pour” is not the operative word in this scenario. It’s more like “trickle.” you may also like how to start a new blog.


And even if you do make a good number of sales with this “fix it and forget it” launch method, you could make so many more if you know how to plan and create a successful launch strategy. But be sure to give yourself plenty of time. It can take as much time to prepare a product launch plan as it does to produce and write your eBook.

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If you want to maximize the sales of your beautiful new eBook and create a hit-it-out-of-the park product launch plan, follow these 8 launch steps for eBook marketing success:

Step 1: Planning

Create an action plan calendar on which you can plot all of the tasks related to your launch. You can begin this planning before you even finish your eBook. As you finish writing your eBook, begin plotting on your calendar the actions and schedule for the editing, design, and production of the eBook.

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Then review all of the tasks involved in the steps outlined below and insert them on your planning calendar. This will help you determine an actual launch date as you decide how long each step will take. Remember to leave yourself a cushion of time at the end of the process in case there are any problems.

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Step 2: Reader/Peer Reviews

When you’ve written your eBook, but before you start the design phase, ask 3-4 of your readers to review your eBook to make sure they find it useful and to get their feedback. Offer them a free copy of the eBook word document with a promise to replace it with an actual copy of the eBook once it’s complete. Also, ask them to provide a testimonial that you can use on your sales page.

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You might also ask a couple of the bloggers your follow to review your eBook in exchange for a free copy to give away on their blogs or for a slightly higher affiliate commission. Ask for their comments, suggestions, and critique.

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Make any necessary changes to your eBook after you receive these comments. promotion is very important if you want to sell something online. learn how to promote your website and before promotion you must know how to write quality content and ther’ere some more quality guideline available to write high quality content.

Step 3: Affiliates

Having a strong group of partners in your affiliate marketing will greatly increase your eBook sales. But you have to make it appealing for your affiliates. It is standard to offer your affiliates a commission of 50% or more for every sale they make. For bloggers with large readerships, you might want to offer a higher affiliate commission.

Contact potential affiliates several months before your launch to get them on board and so they can block out the time on their calendars to promote your eBook.

Be sure to make it easy for your affiliates by providing them all the info they need on an affiliate page with links to the shopping cart sign-up page, banner ads for their use, and possible email/post copy they can use for promoting the eBook.

Keep in regular contact with your affiliates to keep them updated on the progress of the promotion.

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Step 4: Testimonials

Send all of your committed affiliates an advanced copy of your finalized eBook, and ask them for a testimonial to include on your landing page. This gives them great exposure for their own blogs, so be sure to include the name of their blog and their head-shot.

In addition to other bloggers, you want testimonials from “real” people — readers who aren’t connected with you professionally. Invite several readers to give you a testimonial by giving them a free copy of your eBook. You can even offer a contest on your blog to give away copies of the eBook in exchange for their review of it.

You want a mix of peers and readers in your testimonials to offer a variety of social proofs that your eBook is well worth the money. you may also like to read that how to find out a quality writer for your content needs.

Step 5: Sales Page/List Building

Creating a strong and highly-converting sales page (or landing page) is an art. You need to have a good handle on how to write sales copy, as well as how to design and lay out the page to draw attention to the product and highlight the important benefits and features. If you are not comfortable with this, spend some time researching and reading about creating successful landing pages. Here’s a great series of articles from Copyblogger.

You might also consider adding a sign-up form on your landing page as a “waiting list” for your product launch. You can offer those on the waiting list advance notification and a discount on the price of your eBook. Or you can offer a free product (a chapter from your book or a related report) in exchange for their email address. Of course, you will want to have your landing page ready several weeks prior to your launch to build your list.

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Step 6: Pre-Launch

Prior to your public launch, show loyalty to your regular readers by hosting a pre-launch just for them during which they receive a discount on the price of your eBook. You can include your waiting list as they are now part of your subscriber list.

Keep this pre-launch period very short (24-48 hours) to create a sense of urgency and drive some early sales of your eBook.

Step 7: Launch Promotion

Several weeks and days before your launch, write relevant blog posts related to your eBook topic to create excitement and interest. In the few days leading up to the official launch, make yourself available for interviews with affiliates, and begin tweeting and using other social media to remind people about the impending launch.

You might consider offering a free webinar related to your eBook topic on the night before your launch and offering participants early access to purchase. On the morning of the launch, have a post up devoted to announcing the release of the eBook. Also, use social media to let non-subscribers/readers know about the launch.

Be sure you have a specific time-frame for the launch promotion (3-7 days) during which the price of the product is lower than it will be normally.

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Step 8: Launch Day/Week

Send out tweets and reminders close to the end of the promotion letting people know they only have a few hours left to purchase at this price.

On launch day and throughout the promotion, make sure you take care of any problems or glitches immediately. If someone asks for a refund, offer it promptly and without question. Be sure you send a thank-you email to all of your affiliates.

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