Do Not Stuff Keywords -It May Confuse Search Engines

Keyword rich might be good for your static home page – don’t count on – but used liberally in your

Keyword Stuffing Penalty
Keyword Stuffing Penalty

posts it has the same effect on search engine spiders as a buffet laden table of food:  no focus.  Keyword stuffing might be the better term for it and you know what you get when you stuff yourself at a buffet Indigestion.

Today I’m going to explain a number of items which we must concentrate on. so Let’s get started.

Capitalize the first letter of each word in your title.  This Small change makes the title stand out more.


Keyword stuffing  confuses search engines

Keyword Stuffing Confuses Search Engines

As you can see the second title commands greater authority. Rule of thumb is that words such as the, a, and, for, are not capitalized.

The beauty of using WordPress is that there are plenty of plugins to help us optimize our marketing effort, but the one plugin that you must have is the All in One SEO.  When installed, enabled and configured, this plugin helps to optimize your keywords with  search engines.

Each page has its own URL.  To optimize the keyword you are fighting for, place them at the beginning of the URL and Title.  For example:

The domain URL for this site is:  //
A page URL looks like this: 

The page URL always follows the domain URL. A better way to have titled my article would have been “Keyword Stuffing May Confuse Search Engines” the reason being that the keyword is “Keyword Stuffing” and not “Confuse Search Engines”.

Many of us tend to put as many of our keywords into our posts as possible with the idea that as our sites are crawled, we begin to rank higher and higher for our list of keywords.

Stop it.

Too many keywords confuse the search engines.  They don’t know what sort of traffic to send to your site.

Use no more than three of your keywords.  Mention your main keyword once in the first 50 words of the post and once in the last 50 subwords, i.e., words related to your keyword or a slightly different phrasing of the keyword .

Just as with keywords, when writing your post think of two maybe three categories that it will fit into, definitely no more than five.

The importance of backlinks cannot be stressed enough.  Search engines consider backlinks as votes for your site – simply put, people like it and if people like it then the search engines give you good marks and move you up along their ranking.

Quality links carry more weight than others.  Here are some good ways to get quality backlinks:

–          Get backlinks from .com,  .org or .ed

–          Age domain matters

–          Authority sites (have lots of traffic, links and ranking)

–          Article directories, Blogs

Comment on blogs that fit the above criteria.  Personally I like to mix it up otherwise  how would the newbies ever get started.

Now this was a new one for me.  When uploading images to your post, give the image an alt tag.  For example; when I uploaded the image above this was what I filled out.  Images get crawled and it’s just good practice to have something for the spiders to read.

There was so much more.  Each challenge is a stand alone.  You can always join and do the latest challenge.  Points add up.  Definitely some of the participants are internet marketing savvy.  No matter.  If you participate you will learn.  From my perspective its all about tweaking the details – even if you only pick up one point, that point can make a huge difference to you.

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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