How to Install Ghost CMS on Local Server

How to Install Ghost CMS on Local Server

A CMS system is very important to create a blog or whatever other dynamic website. CMS is likewise called Content

Ghost CMS : Installation and Management
Installation of Ghost CMS

Management System. There are lots of CMS systems available on the web like WordPress, Blogger and Ghost ( They all have different ways to install and manage. Today in this post we’ll discuss how to install ghost ( CMS on a local server or Computer. If you’re already aware of WordPress then you’ll not find Ghost, a hard to manage and install CMS. Ghost is available in two variants like WordPress (free and paid (Self Hosted).

  1. Free Hosted (Like You can use it at free of cost.
  2. Self Hosted (Like You require a Web Hosting Server to install it. You can download it in some easy steps and can install it on your server. But you must have a node.js enable server to install it.

Note: – there is likewise a negative point in CMS. You cannot install it on a shared hosting server because you need a node.js enable server which is not coming in shared hosting environment. There is one more negative point available in Ghost ( CMS that it’s still in its baby stage. That being said, it was just an introduction of Ghost CMS and I think we might proceed our journey to install Ghost on a local Server.

Let’s See How to Install Ghost CMS on a Local Server or Computer (PC)

Installation of Ghost ( CMS is not a difficult task. It’s just 3-5 clicks away. To install Ghost, most importantly you need to have a Bitnami Ghost Installer. You can without much of a stretch download it from here- Download Bitnami Ghost Installer.

In the wake of downloading, you need to run the setup and install Ghost by following the guidelines going ahead on your local server or computer. While installing Ghost ( it’ll request you to make some common settings like it’ll tell you to assign an IP Address (you can use default or can also assign an available one). It’ll also prompt you to assign admin user name and password which you can assign as per you think is secure enough. After these steps completed it’ll not take more than 5-10 minutes to install Ghost CMS on Your Local Server.

Note: – After Installing Ghost CMS on Your Local Server you can easily deploy it on your live server.

How to Login Ghost CMS on Your Local Server or Computer

After finishing installation you need to login Ghost ( to manage posts and pages. Like installation of Ghost CMS it’s additionally not hard to manage it. Ghost ( use HTML Composer to add or edit posts. You can go through by the following way

  1. Go to Your Browser – type – (use the same IP Address you provided while installation)
  1. A login screen will appear and it’ll ask request you for your admin user name and password.
  1. Fill in the Login Details (provided while installation) and click on the login button and now you’re in the dashboard.

How to compose a new Post in Ghost ( CMS Dashboard

Creating a new post is likewise very simple. You just need to click on +new post button found in menu bar. As we already told you that Ghost use HTML composer to create and alter posts, you can use HTML markups to mange or style your content. These markups shortcuts are additionally accessible in the dashboard of post composer. And after creating your post you just need to click publish button twice to make your post live. see this video below to get it in an easy way.


Ghost is a new platform and at this moment we don’t have any experience on it except installation. If you’re using Ghost and having experience on this new CMS then don’t forgot to share it with us. You opinions will help our visitors to understand Ghost CMS ( in a better way.


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