How to Increase Your Productivity

I’m Going to Publish my eBook, Website Basics in 12 Pages shortly, you will realize how deeply I feel about writing good content. Many people, however, can’t stay on task while writing or doing other things like replying to emails or comments.increase-productiity-content

If you can’t be productive, you won’t be able to put out content, therefore leaving nothing for your readers to read. So, let’s talk about how to increase your productivity.

  • Turn off Aim, Skype, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

While writing content, you shouldn’t be chatting your head off with others. Yeah, you may not be able to have that 10 minutes of fun chatting, but what is the result of hitting the big red X?

When you close out messenger services, you will be able to focus. The chances that you will be talking to your BFF (best friend forever) about what you want to write an article about are probably slim to non, especially if they aren’t webmasters.

  • Turn of Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, too.

Yeah yeah, you have to turn them off, too. By keeping them on, you can’t focus any more, either.

I’d say social networks like Facebook and Twitter are even worse for productivity because there are so many extras. You can play games, apps, and so much more. I’ve found myself, multiple times, playing Farmville or whatever game I found at the time instead of writing my content.

If you’re playing that game and talking to your cousin instead of writing content, what will get written? Nothing.

  • Get in a quiet room.

The next step is simple – getting into a peaceful environment. If you are sitting there with the television at full blast, people screaming their oh-so-important schedule, and animals scattering across the floor, how will you get any work done?

You need to be somewhere quiet and peaceful. Somewhere where you can sit down and know that you can have some peaceful, quiet time to work. Being in loud rooms, much like social networks and messenger services, are distractions.

  • Turn on some relaxing music.

After you have turned off those distractions, the next thing to do is put on some relaxing music. When I say relaxing, I mean music that isn’t full-blast screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs.

I often put on the Beatles, mainly because many of their songs are quiet and low. The music can help zone out distractions like everyday noise – birds chirping, crickets, etc.

Now, one of the major things I suggest is having a playlist. If you are constantly changing the song, you will end up being distracted because you are hoping from your content to your music player, content to music player.


Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

3 thoughts on “How to Increase Your Productivity

  1. Is THAT what BFF stands for?!?
    Hey Gaurav, nice post mate, and oh how true. I was talking with my business coach the other day and he talked about the startup phase for new business and he said that even though costs are greatly reduced in an online scenario, the setup stage averages to a few months longer, and this is entirely because of the sheer bulk of distractions available on the net!
    Turning all that crap off can only do your business and your productivity wonders!
    Oh and another things dude, are you really 16?!
    (cause if you are, that makes you exactly half my age and twice my drive!)
    The way I increase productivity is by creating SMART goals on a weekly basis and sticking to them religiously!. Oh and I leave awesome comments on blogs too (LOL)

  2. Another Great Post. I have to agree with you on this “If you can’t be productive, you won’t be able to put out content”. Exactly right bro.
    These are awesome tips.

    Btw. I am waiting for your ebook 🙂 .

    Thanks for sharing this great Post as usual.


  3. Hey Gaurav,

    Procrastination is illness which we are suffering with and don’t even know about. I have been struggling to focus on my blog and important task. However I think blogging is not an easy task we need to do lots of things and here we need to manage our time.

    I also like to listen music while writing because it helps us to stay focused. We feel energized while writing there are lot of tools like and Youtube videos which can help us to become more productive (specially when we are writing).

    Thanks for this article Gaurav.

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