Best Ways to identify and fix low quality content

A couple of years back, it was not an issue that you are writing quality content or not. The thing that was mattered

how to find duplicate content
find and fix duplicate content

around then was only quantity. But after launch of Google Panda Algorithm the things are changed now. Google Begin Concentrating on quality. Now it’s not important that what number of articles you have on your blog, the thing that matters is how many quality posts you have on your blog. A couple of quality posts can give you better results than hundreds of low quality posts. Panda completely changed the internet marketing industry. A few of low quality articles may punish your entire domain. If you want to survive in today’s seo battle then you strictly need to start focusing on quality of your work.

Now the question is how to identify and fix low quality content on your blog. wouldn’t it be great if we could observe underneath.
What is low quality or Thin Content?

I believe that if your sites get penalized by any of Google update then it might be a worst experience for you but remember one thing that Google won’t give your lost traffic back without any constructive action. We should observe on what sort of substance Google think about low quality or thin content.

  1. Duplicate Content
  2. Articles with few words (uninformative or unhelpful articles)
  3. Articles Having Spell and Grammatical Errors
  4. Pages with Broken Links

These are some general blunders which encourage search engines to identify poor quality content.

How to Identify and Fix Low and Thin Quality Content

Find Posts with fewer or No Search Traffic

First of all you need to figure out those posts that have exceptionally low or No traffic at all. There are numerous free and online tools available in the market with the help of you can easily identify your site’s traffic and one of the best of them is Google Analytic Tool. Make a list of such posts and begin your analysis that why these posts are getting no search traffic and make appropriate seo friendly changes like keyword optimization, headings optimization and image optimization and so on and update them. At that point sit tight for a month or two to see the results.

Find Posts with Thin Content

Thin content means less word count however it’s not always true that if a post has less than 400 or 450 words then that post is not decently explained because we can’t change over each subject in a vast blog entry. It’s all relying upon subject and your written work abilities. But according to major search engines and extremely popular Bloggers and Webmasters a subject could be well explained in minimum of 450 words.  So if you have some posts with less than 450 words and that posts are not getting enough traffic then attempt to make them large and see results.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the biggest problem for every content writer because it can penalize your site at whatever time. For bloggers it’s definitely an exceptionally enormous issue because if we have hundred of posts on our blog then it’s truly challenging to check all of them for copy content. In any case you can make a list of no traffic posts and check them for duplicate content issues.

Broken Links are Not Good for Your Site’s Health

Broken links affect a site quite seriously. Continuously attempt to keep an eye on broken Links of your site. You can utilize Google Webmaster Tool to check 404 pages. If your site has some broken links and 404 pages immediately fix them to increase traffic on your site.

Error Found on your Site

In the event that you suppose your site has any of above errors then now is the right time to initiate serious action because these errors can penalize your complete domain. Immediately fix these errors by removing or updating content on your site. Assuming that somebody is copying your content then you can report those links to Google.

Hope this article may help you to fix your site’s onpage errors.

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