How I am Able to Write Every day

Over the last 19 days (this makes 20!), I have written an article every single day. In total, I have written 52 articles. I

Best Ways to get ideas for your blog
Best Ways to get ideas for your blog

know that isn’t a fantastically amazing amount, but it still is a decent amount, especially since I haven’t missed a day in my “83-post-rampage”. Many people have asked me how I am able to think of endless amounts of things to write about. Well, here I am, once more, sharing another tip with you…

To come up with ideas for article ideas, I use four different methods. If you constantly use all four of these methods, you will NEVER have a day when you don’t have something to write about. So, let’s get started, shall we?


One of the easiest things I’ve ever done is use Twitter. People randomly ask questions ALL THE TIME. I’ve gotten many article ideas like “What is Success” due to people asking questions.

A program that has made this a lot easier for me is called TweetDeck. TweetDeck displays all tweets, when they arrive, on your monitor. So, if someone, that I am following, releases a tweet, it will appear on the upper-right hand corner of my screen. So, instead of refreshing my Twitter page 200 times, I always know what people are asking. From that, I can easily get post ideas.

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Blog Comments

If you’ve read one of my past articles, How to Easily Get Free Advertising, you’ll know that I love commenting on blogs. I actually get some article ideas from that, too. Let’s say I’m on a blog, reading an article about why Photoshop is the worst program ever made. By commenting on that post, I can easily get an idea for a post. If I write an amazing comment disagreeing with them, I then have the basis of a blog post.

I could then write about why Photoshop is the BEST program ever. So, not only am I getting free advertising, but I am also getting a post out of it. It’s GREAT!

Direct Questioning

There is nothing more simple than this – people asking you questions directly. People have straight up come up to me and say “Gaurav, how do I…”. Chances are, if they are having a problem, many others are too. That’s how I came up with the idea for “How to Make an Amazing Favicon“.

Going back to the idea of Twitter, people often ask me questions there, too. If I give them a solid answer, I then have a really basic outline of the article. It’s yet another great method of free ideas!

Questions I Want Answered

I have done one or two articles about things I’ve wondered. For example, I once wondered how to make and upload a favicon, yet another reason for the article. If I don’t figure it out on my own, like I usually do, I ask others for help, and with their permission, write about it later.

This is a method I rarely use, but, once again, chances are many others have the same question. So, not only do you benefit, but your readers do, too.


For your Health and Happiness!

Gaurav Heera


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