Is It Possible to Generate Traffic Through Forums

It’s true that the more traffic, the better you’re doing. we need lots of traffic at our website if we really want to get success in online marketing career.

There are millions of traffic generation techniques and schemes, but there always seems to be a bigger and better solution – the next big thing that will push all webmasters to new tactics.

There is a great level of required testing to verify whether or not a source shall be deemed worth the effort involved in getting it to work. I’ve been testing one lately, too – forums.

Importance of Forums

Are Forums Efficient?

One of my favorite forums out there has to be the WarriorForum. Despite my wishes, this isn’t a forum about mid-evil warriors, either – rather internet marketers and web developers/designers.

A good portion of my time on WarriorForum is spent in the SEO category (it’s a really great place to either help people or learn something – I’d heavily advise heading over there some time). If you are trying to earn traffic for your own website, I’d recommend finding a forum and topic that suits closely to your niche – try to be as dead-on as possible.

In total, I’ve posted just short of 150 replies on the forum – all of which ranged from two sentences per response, to two paragraphs (it all depended on the question asked). I sometimes included links to other sources, I would give reviews to people who needed thoughts on their work, and would even engage in further conversations via Skype.

Another forum I’ve began to participate on, lately, is WebsiteBabble – a forum dedicated strictly to webmasters. While I haven’t posted as many responses (and said responses haven’t been of equal quality to that of WarriorForum), I’ve still put enough on the website to get decent results.

The Results

Going into the whole thing, I didn’t expect forums to be a very efficient or effective source of traffic – they were very effective two or so years ago, but a lot things have changed since.

To my surprise, however, WarriorForum converted extremely well – about 2/3 (66%) of the responses I left to topics received a visit back. For every thousand replies I left, I’d receive about 700 visits – that’s a pretty good conversion rate for such an easy thing to do.

The visits from WarriorForum had the 67th lowest bounce rate (of thousands of referrers) on my website – it fell at about 45%. The time-on-site was about three minutes, and that’s enough time for them to have viewed, on average, about two different pages.

When it came to WebsiteBabble, about 25% of the responses I left resulted in visits back to (which is fairly good, for the responses I left weren’t the best).

This accounted for a, nearly, six minute average for time-on-site, and a bounce rate of just 30%. Not shabby at all for such an easy thing to do.


The answer, in general, is yes. Low bounce-rate, high time-on-site visits are key to the success of any webmaster, and that is just what I got from my observations – and a lot of them.

If one should post on closely niche-related forums with relevant answers on a regular basis, I don’t see why they couldn’t acquire thousands of visits per month with such an easy tactic.


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