Focus on readers not search engines

Provide Quality to Your Readers
Focus on Quality Not Only on Search Engines

Search engines are a tool that you use each day that you browse the web, and let’s face it – there isn’t much of a reason as to not. You can view images, video, and even millions of websites upon a simple search term. Yes, it feels like you’ve struck gold when you see your name at the top of that search engine. Your eye’s glow as you see how much traffic you get from that position on Google, Yahoo, or whatever you may be looking at. But is it really worth writing keyword after keyword after keyword?

Why not to write for search engines

Keeps readers away

No one wants to read an article that has every other word being a keyword. Yeah, it may put you into search engines, but it makes your work seem spammy and unprofessional. Hey, would you rather read something that seems very stringy, or something that is well written as well as freely written (minimal keywords if any). It doesn’t matter if your website is on the first page of a top search engine or not, if the content is garbage, no one will read it. It’s almost like selling a product for $20.00 but filling it with worthless information. Why would anyone buy it? Yeah it may be cheap, but if it doesn’t have good content, what’s the investment?

Why to write for readers

Word of mouth

You have most likely been in the middle of a conversation and heard someone say “oh, go here and you’ll get the best service possible!”  The traffic you could gain from that conversation could be the most powerful you will ever posses. If a reader likes your content enough to tell others about it, you must be doing something right, right? If your content is a ship tipping over with spammy keywords, no one will want to share it, decreasing your reader’s loyalty and count. Like mentioned in the above paragraph, if no one can read it, no one will share it, right?

Easier to write content

Nobody, and I mean nobody wants to spend four or five hours (or even more) writing an article (especially when you have to do it over and over). If you are able to write what first comes to mind and hurdle over the search engine’s favorites, you will be able to write more smooth content that takes maybe an hour from start to finish. Seems like a lot less work, right? Personally, I have to write what I’m thinking when I think it or I will never have that sense of “oh, yeah, this is perfect!”  If you are one of those people, looking up tips and tricks on how to make your post “search engine perfect” will cost you not only your ideas but your state of mind.

In short, change your tactics over to the “readers side” of the battle and save yourself many hours of I-must-bang-head-on-the-wall frustration. Who knows, it could be the reason people suggest your blog or not.


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