How to Earn Real Money Online With a Gardening Blog

I’ve been seeing quite a few posts lately at the forums I frequent with people fed up with IM, people who have been trying to make an income online for “x” odd years or people who simply can’t seem to figure this whole “IM” game out.  I had my “Ah-ha” moment years ago and it was something that happened over a period of time and something no “coach” or “guru” ever taught me, it was self taught and it was a product of innovation and a deeper thinking as to the way money moves and wealth is built in this world.   I hope to give a few other desperate souls some inspiration to stop chasing their tales and actually make a career out of this “IM thing”.  The most important points you need to take away are to start thinking about IM as a career and not a hobby and start looking at your successes as “jumping off” points to the next big thing.

Make Money Online Tips

First off, clear your head and get back to basics

Find something you love and stick with it.  Love to garden?  Love being a parent? Love movies?  Awesome, make a career out of it!  Life is too short to have 50 niche sites that you need to manage on topics you could care less about.  Do you really want 50 websites about how to get rid of cold sores to be your legacy you’ll be leaving behind to your kids when you die?  Did the original families behind Walmart or Home Depot or Wegmans (here in the north east) plan to grow their businesses by starting 50 different branded stores selling different things?  Of course not, they had a dream to create a great brand, provide excellent value to their customers, grow the heck out of it, and put all their effort into its success.  Commit to one thing and next I’ll open your world up with the big picture.  Let’s use gardening as an example.

Step 1:  Start a gardening blog.  (learn how to start a blog)  Focus on providing great content, awesome DIY projects, take great photos in your own garden, have a weekly video update called “the garden gnome” or something catchy.  Make a brand out of it and build a following by providing killer content and being sincere (not hard to do because you love gardening).  Use a service like avantlink or even adwords to place modest ads on your site but still focus on quality content, not jamming your site with ads.

Recommended :- how to write killer headlines and titles for your blog posts and you must know the blogging mistakes which you must avoid while blogging.

  • You’ve Netted: cash $0   |  Monthly Income: $0 (but you’re having fun right?!  )

Step 2:  Sweet, now 3-4 months later you have 8000 fans  following you to market to in the future and you’re making $40-$50 a day in ad revenue (enough to pay the mortgage every month).  Time to create a product.  How about a $9.95 Kindle book titled “How to get twice the bounty out of your garden with half the work”.  you can learn how to create an ebook at our blog and you’ll also like how to launch an ebook. Then on the front cover include a burst “Plus 5 Easy weekend DIY Projects to Turbo Charge Your Results”.  If say, half, of your fans buy the book that’s nearly $40,000 plus you’re on the top 10 of the gardening section on the Kindle store which nets you 25 sales a day (conservatively) plus new fans to your blog which you promote and tease throughout the book for around $250 daily, give or take.

  • You’ve netted:  cash: $40k for the book launch |  $300/day recurring revenue stream in ads and kindle book sales

If you want to use affiliates the this post will help you in which we’ll discuss affiliate marketing rules.

Step 3: Create a Heirloom Seed Directory on your site using a wordpress directory plugin.  (also see 6 most important plugins for your blog) Once you have 100-150 seed producers then allow users to rank the seeds and allow the seed producers to make their listings “featured” and interact with your visitors for a measly $25/mo. (this is nothing for a business with an advertising budget).  75 of the producers signed up for the featured listings which  nets you another $1,875 to your monthly income and it’s all on autopilot.  You figure you’ll add 5 new seed producers a month and shoot them the same formatted e-mail to become a part of your directory.  Now start working on your second book titled “Organic Gardening for the Weekend Warrior“.

  • You’ve netted:  cash: $40k from the book launch  |  $10,875/mo. in recurring revenue on autopilot from book sales and advertisers and your seed directory.

Step 4:  Start a membership program titled “The Weekend Warriors” that has gardening how-to videos, lifetime access to new gardening project plans, a forum, special deals from the manufacturers you set up in step 3, etc.  Make it a no-brainer at $5.95/mo to join.  At this point you have 20,000 fans from your website, kindle book and social media followers who you send an e-mail out to join your exciting new community.  If even half of them sign up for your course you’ve just created $59,000/mo. in income.  You also now launch your 2nd Kindle book for $6.95 which all your previous book purchasers buy and which you send out to all 20,000 fans you have.  That books sells 12,000 copies the week it launches which pushes it to #1 in the gardening section on Kindle (all because of your fan base) which in turn nets you another 40 sales a day (conservative estimate).

  • You’ve netted: $40k from your first book launch plus $83k from your second book launch plus $68k/mo income from ad revenue, book sales, seed directory, and membership renewals.

Now the world is yours for the taking.  You can now double your income by setting up an e-commerce store selling gardening equipment and seeds (Dropship), you can e-mail the producers of the early morning shows on TV and tell them about how many fans you have and tell them you’d love to do a gardening spot with them one morning (exponentially growing your exposure, ad revenue and membership sign-ups).  You may even get contacted by HGTV to do a gardening show out of your own home (think and make big dollars in future syndication rights.

Now, before everyone goes ripping me apart about the numbers, this is all very possible and I of course understand there are very miniscule paypal fees and Kindle fees.   Do you need 70k/mo to live a full life?  I doubt it.  Scale this model as big or as small as you’d like to create financial stability and best of all, the freedom to do whatever you damn well please when you get up in the morning.  The only thing standing between you and success is yourself telling you that you can’t do it.  Where do you go from here?  Go find a log to sit on or a quiet place to think about what you want to build your empire around.   Start over, dust yourself off, clear your head and push forward.


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