SEO -Search Engine Optimization Training & Course Institute In Delhi

SEO -Search Engine Optimization Training Course Institute In Delhi

SEO -Search Engine Optimization is the best way to promote your business online. there are various ways available in SEO which can help us to increase our sales Online. the best part of SEO or Search Engine Optimization which also i like the most is -we can get highly targeted customers through it which is not possible in any other kind of medium of advertisements. Till date I have completed almost seven years in this industry (SEO -Search Engine Optimization) and found that there is no other way which can beat SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is highly popular in western countries and in India this industry is also start booming as we all know that every business today wants to promote their services and products through Internet Marketing.

SEO -Search Engine Optimization Course Details, Contents and Fees

SEO -Search Engine Optimization (SEO Course Module.1)

  • What is SEO, SEM, SMO, Blogging, SERP
  • Difference Between SEO, SMO, SEM and PPC

Website Designing Basics (Required for SEO Training)

  • How to download and Upload Websites using File Zilla
  • How to design a website using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • What is Website Hosting
  • Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting
  • How to use Linux and Windows Cpanel
  • What is Internal Linking and Anchor Text
  • Link ALT and Title Tags

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course Contents and Details

  • What is Onpage Optimization
  • What is Off Page Optimization
  • Difference Between On page and Off Page Optimization

On Page Seo Course Details and Contents (Starting In-Depth SEO Course)

Keyword Research in SEO

SEO Training in Delhi

  • How to Find Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner
  • What is Keyword Relevancy
  • What is Keyword Density
  • Difference Between Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords
  • What is Keyword Competition
  • How to Find out Exact Keyword Competition
  • Difference Between Exact, Broad and Phrase Match Keywords
  • Geographical Keyword Research, Optimization and Competition
  • What is Keyword Spamming and Stuffing

Doman and URL Structuring

  • How to Select a Domain Name
  • What is URL and How to Design SEO Friendly URL
  • Importance of Folder’s Naming in URL’s

Head Section Optimization in SEO

  • What are Title Tags
  • How to Make SEO Friendly Tags
  • What are Meta Tags –Meta Description, Keywords, Robots, Author, Country Tags
  • How to Make SEO Friendly Meta Tags
  • What are (OG) Open Graph Tags
  • Why to Use Open Graph Tags
  • What are Canonical Tags
  • Why Canonical Tags are Important
  • Schema Creation

Body Section Optimization

  • What is Content
  • Types of Content
  • How to Write SEO Friendly Content
  • How to Maintain Content Quality
  • How to Check and Fix Content Issues and Errors


  • What are Heading and Importance of Heading in Terms with SEO
  • Types of Headings H1, H2, H3……..H6
  • How to Write SEO Friendly Headings

SEO Friendly Images

  • SEO Friendly Image Naming
  • Image ALT and Title Tags
  • Why to Use SEO Friendly Images

Link Building Internal (Most Important Part of SEO)

  • What is Link Internal Building
  • What is White Page SEO
  • Why Internal Linking is Important
  • Internal Linking Examples, Case Studies and Importance

Site Tracking Using Google Analytics Tools

  • What is Google Analytics Tool
  • How to Use Google Analytics Tool
  • How to Get Tracking ID
  • How to Watch Traffic Reports

Site Maps and Robots.TXT file

  • What is Site Map and Robots Dot Text Files
  • Importance of Site Maps and Robots Files
  • How to Create Site Maps and Robots Files

Website Submissions Using Google Webmaster Tools

  • Why to Submit Your Site
  • How to Submit Your Site to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yahoo and More Then 100 Search Engines
  • How to Use Google, Yahoo and Bing Web Master Tools
  • How to Submit Your Site Map Using Webmaster Tools


  • What is Alexa
  • Importance of Alexa and How to Integrate Alexa

Off Page Optimization Course Contents and Details (Next Level of SEO Course)

  • What is Off-Page Optimization
  • Why Off Page SEO is Important to Rank a Website
  • What is External Link Building
  • Why Link Building is Important

Link Building Strategies

  • Guest Blogging
  • Comment Posting
  • Article Writing and Submissions
  • Press Release Writing and Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Directory Submissions
  • Wiki Links
  • Angela Style Links
  • Links from Sub Domains

Advance Level of SEO Course

Search Engine Algorithms

  • What are Search Engine Algorithms
  • Google Caffeine Update
  • Google Pr Update
  • Google Panda Update
  • Google Penguin Update
  • Google EMD Update
  • Google Humming Bird Update

Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries

  • Why Search Engines Update Their Algorithms on Regular Basis
  • Why Search Engine Penalize a Website
  • How to Recover from Google Panda, Penguin, EMD and Humming Bird Update
  • How to save Your Site from Google Updates

SEO Strategies and Techniques (Best Part of SEO Course)

  • Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat SEO Techniques
  • How to Make SEO Strategies for a website

In-Depth Details of our Internet Marketing Course

As we already discussed above that Internet Marketing is one of the best ways of Market your products or services online. we can get a huge number of visitors through online and can easily convert them because they all will be highly targeted. conversion rate of visitors coming through Internet Marketing is always very high because they actually want that product they are looking for. as we also discussed above that there’re lots of ways available in Internet Marketing with the help of we can showcase our products and services and now we’re going to discuss the mediums which we’ll cover in our Internet Marketing Course.

Website Designing (Ist Part of Internet Marketing Course)

If we’re looking for Internet Marketing the very first step we need to take is to design a cool website where we can showcase our products and services. without a website we can do nothing in Internet Marketing. in our Internet Marketing (also called Digital Marketing) Course the first thing which we’ll learn is how to design a website. our website designing course is completely based on template designing and editing. you need not to learn hard core coding but you’ll definitely be able to design a website and will also be able to make it live. we’ll also see how to register a best and SEO friendly domain name for your website and how to point it with your web hosting and how to operate control panel of your website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Course (II Module of Internet Marketing Course)

SEO Training in Delhi
Learn Advance Level of SEO

The second but the most important and the most powerful pack of Internet Marketing is SEO. SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. basically SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process with the help of we can improve our ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing with our targeted keywords. actually SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is consist of three major strategies called Keywords Research + On Page Optimization also known as On Page SEO and third one is Off Optimization also known as Off Page SEO. there’re also some more aspects available in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which we need to follow and implement at our website to make it SEO friendly and spam free so that it can beat it’s competitors. well, that is an In-depth knowledge which something not free and you have to join our SEO Course where we’ll cover all the things.

Note: – SEO is not an easy task to complete. it’s a long time process and takes at least 1-2 months to rank a website in any major search engine. in our SEO Training Course we’ll show you all of the major factors which can be use to get an easy rank in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

SMO (Social Media Optimization) Course (IIIrd module of Internet Marketing Course)

learn SEO in Delhi
SMO -Make Your Brand Popular

as we discussed above that we can get highly targeted visitors with the help of SEO and we’ll cover all that things in our SEO Training Course. after SEO Training Course we’ll start working with Social Media Course. social media is use to make your brand popular in the eyes of search engine as well as in the eyes of you online visitors. SMO is also a best technique which can help us to improve oue SEO campaigns. we’ll see how to increase like subscribers and followers at our official social media pages and will also see how to generate queries via SMO.

SEM Course (Search Engine Makerting) (IV Part of Internet Marketing Course)

Learn SEO Training in Delhi
SEM with Google Adwords (PPC)

after SEO and SMO Course we’ll start working in SEM Course in which we’ll cover Google Adwords. SEM is basically an advertisement method where an advertiser is need to pay to search engines to get visible in SERO (search engine results pages). it’s also called PPC advertisements.

Blogging, Adsense and Affiliates (Last Module of Internet Marketing Course)

Blogging and SEO relation.
Earn Money With Blogging

At last in Our Internet Marketing Course we’ll see how to create a blog using WordPress and how to monetize it using Adsense and Affiliates. we’ll also see how to earn mone with blogging as a freelancer and will also cover the importance of blogging in SEO.

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