A Collection Of Apps and Sites For Busy Web Professional

A collection of apps and sites for the busy web professional.

When you’re making a living on the net you know that time is always your enemy. This collection of apps will help you to get things done faster, easier and maybe even funner (is that a word). Click on a few and see for yourself.

Readability – Gets rid of the clutter when you just want the words.

Reading anything online these days can be very distracting. Why? Because of all the distractions, of course. Pop-ups, sidebars, videos and much more intrude on your reading time. Readability, while not the most incredible app you’ve ever seen, will reduce your reading experience to 2 things; you and the words you want to read. Sounds like a simple concept and it is, but the effects are quite powerful. You can save your reading for later too.

Best Feature – Can be used on practically any device.

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Mighty Deals – Professional web tools for the web professional at great prices.

Mighty Deals is one of a slew of ‘deal’ sites on the net that offer all sorts of stuff at ‘great’ prices.  Problem with many is that their stuff is worthless or just not geared towards web professionals.  Mighty Deals stands out form the pack because they actually have deals on items that you can use in your everyday work life, like vector graphics and templates. Their deals change every day so check back often.

Best Feature – They have a ‘Deal of the Day’ and a ‘Freebies’ page highlighting some really awesome deals.

Dropbox – Sharing anything with ease across multiple platforms.

Dropbox is a simple yet extremely powerful app that lets you ‘drop’ anything, including files, pics and graphics, into the app to share anywhere and with anyone on practically any device. Just drag and drop and your file is automatically uploaded to the Dropbox cloud site where you can access it at anytime from anywhere on any device. It’s simple and free too.

Best Feature – Anyone who has your permission can see what you ’dropped’, making pic-sharing a breeze.

5 Minutes – Making multiple websites juts got faster.

As an affiliate marketer you know that multiple websites means multiple streams of income.  The problem; building all those websites can become very tedious and boring over time.  5 Minutes is out to crush that tedium with their website, where you can build a fully functional website of your own in 5 minutes or less (hence the name). Sounds good to me, but understand that higher function items like a payment page will cost you a little extra.

Best Feature – A full range of templates to customize your new sites.

Remember the Milk – An easy task manager for the on-the-go web pro.

Remember the Milk is an easy to use free task manager that makes your to-do list a lot easier to handle and helps to simplify your day by putting your tasks in a nice format at your fingertips.  Now that I’ve been nice I will say that, in real use, I found this app to be a bit lacking but maybe it’s just me. You can access it from your phone, share tasks with others and get reminders too, all for free, so check it out for yourself and maybe you’ll like it more than I did.

Best Feature – You can use the app across multiple devices.

Evernote – save that stuff and find it again later.

Evernote is another simple concept with powerful attributes. Anything you see while you’re surfing the net can be ‘saved’ to your Evernote app and accessed easily later. Save it on one device and find it on another quickly on any device you own. URLs, pages, articles, pics, whatever you like can be saved now and accessed later. I’m going to be using this one myself to see how it works for me.

Best Feature – Usable and accessible on all your devices.

Textexpander – Save time and keystrokes with customized abbreviations.

If you write a lot of content (and you probably do if you’re a web pro) this will be a great time saver I believe.  By making your own custom abbreviated keystrokes you will be able to simply access the words and titles that you use most often with a lot less typing.  I suppose that there’s going to be a time when remembering all those abbreviations might be a chore but, if you have a certain core that you use often this could be very useful.

Best Feature – Use Textexpander for simple abbreviations or entire phrases.

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Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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