How to Choose a Domain Name

I’m amazed at how people are wondering why they get minimal traffic with their domain name. Domain names are one of the key factors in becoming popular throughout the web. Your domain name is much like your identity as people use it to identify your website from another. Yes, it may cost you ten or fifteen dollars for the domain name you want, but hey, if you are passionate about becoming successful, it’s worth it, right?selecting-domain-name

Popular domain name extensions


Among all of the domain name extensions in the world, .com is by far one of the most popular. I would suggest it for its well-known, short, and inexpensive. When I am searching the web for websites about anything, I tend to click on websites with a .com domain name extension first because it shows me that they are actually willing to pay a little bit more money to get a top-level domain name extension. If you are willing to pay for your website’s hosting, why not shell out a few extra bucks for something that could potentially get you oodles of traffic?


When you search the internet for websites, you most likely will find a few websites with a .org domain name extension. Although it isn’t as fantastically popular as a .com domain name extension, it is still a top-level domain name extension and will bring in some traffic. It is a little bit less money, thus making it worthwhile to those I-Don’t-Want-To-Lose-Any-Money people. Yeah yeah, .org domain name extensions are meant for organizations, but there aren’t any set limitations to who can or cannot buy the domain name extension. In short, .org domain name extensions aren’t the best, but will get the job done for people who are either looking to break even, lose no money, or gain no profit.


Along with .com and .org, .net is a  top-level domain name extension and is very popular throughout the web. It is cheaper than .com, but is it really worth it to skimp out on the cash just to get a domain name that won’t drag in as much traffic? In my opinion, why not spend five extra dollars (depending on your hosting company/plan) to get a better domain name extension? Despite my opinion (wow, did I really say that?), .net is popular as is .com and .org, and will serve you good use. Even though the .net domain name extension is entended for networks, there is, like stated in the above paragraph, no limitations to who can or cannot buy it.

Building a good domain name

Tips for building a domain name

People need to understand something – you need to think about your domain name before you buy it. Some website hosting services either charge you to change the domain name pointing to your servers, or won’t allow you to change it at all, thus spreading the importance of choosing the right one. Now you may be thinking, “Joe, what in the world do you mean?”  Well, there are several key points to remember when picking a domain name. The first one is to remember that your audience consists of humans. Most people don’t want to have to remember a thirty character domain name – just keep it short, sweet, and to the point. Would you rather see this blog be located at “” or simply “”? I don’t care if the content is among the finest in the world, I will never visit the website.

In the fight against long domain names reveals a problem with domain names that are too short. People try to pick domains names that are acronyms, but they won’t help you in the long run. If people are searching for a website and see an acronym, they will most likely find no significant value to that domain, thus discarding it from their search. You want your domain name to help the reader know what your website is about. For example, if your website is about networking tips, pick a domain name like as opposed to


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