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What can you do about it?Increase Your Own Knowledge With Blogging

Question.  I saw many bloggers just writing, writing and Re-writing. they are not interested in increasing their own knowledge about a particular subject. have you tried to increase your own knowledge while writing on a subject. Today I’m going to explain some ways to broaden your own knowledge. so let’s get started…

Visit your colleague’s blogs.  Guaranteed you will find something that will get your attention.  A new slant, a new resource, a fresh approach, perhaps even the appearance of your colleague’s blog may give you some ideas.

You may want to visit blogs that have a commonality but not necessarily the same niche as yours.  For example while AeG’s Blog is a blog on blogging I find visiting sights on personal development and personal finance to be both inspirational and broadening.   I apply some of what I learn at those blogs to some of the other areas of my internet marketing – and to my personal life.

Review a colleague’s blog – or a post – on your blog.  Why you like the blog.  What attracted you to it. What keeps you coming back.  Is there a suggestion you can make that would enhance that blogger’s results.This is a tactic I should follow myself.   Now that I have established a list of blogs that are on my  follow list, a review of each of them would introduce my readers to some really good (and sometimes irreverent) bloggers,  content and diversity of style.  A funny thing happens when you begin to review something – precious gems are unearthed, gems you can pocket and apply to your own efforts.

Interview a blogger: This is a natural gimme.  It’s fun to come up with questions.  I like interviews where the blogger answers questions that are yes, helpful, but also that may be off topic and put the blogger in the hot seat.  It’s a way to break through the din of what is expected and perks your reader’s interest.

Invite a colleague to be a guest on your blog.  Pick a favorite blogger:  one whose sun is rising.  In the make money online grouping you are more likely to have such a blogger accept your invite than if you invited a big name guru.   Moreover I like the guts and nerve that the newbies display – they have to do something to rise above the noise and they have to differentiate themselves from the pioneers while basically still writing the same stuff as others who have gone before them.

Republish some of your earlier posts.  Some of your best writing may have been done when you first began.  Lets face it that was when you were pumped and bent on showing the blogosphere that you knew whereof you wrote, and you took time to polish the prose so that it came across as being professional.  The thing is that was early on in your blog income career when hardly anyone was aware of your blog let alone visiting it.  New traffic typically reads the current post yet some valuable stuff may be buried in your archives.

Last but not least – hit the internet for information on your subject, go to article directories and simply bone up.

These are simple steps which if followed will remind you why you decided to blog, why you chose the topic you did and guaranteed invigorate you to continue.

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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