Why My Blog is Not Getting Search Traffic

If you wish to play a long-term game then you need to specialize in organic traffic. We tend to all recognize that thelow-and-poor-quality -content

traffic a search engine can send to our Blog or Website no other traffic sources can do the same. Search engines are the best ways to get a huge number of visitors to our website. We can use seo and social sharing to induce traffic from search engines however it’s not an easy task. These days search engines are terribly strict to their ranking policies. It’s all concerning the quality of your work that matters either on page or off page. Today I am going to explain some on page errors which might hurt a site ranking in SERP’s. Let’s have a look on these mistakes.

Poor Content Quality

When it comes to on page, the most important factor that matters is content. It’s very important to write high quality and search engines optimized content, if you wish to enhance your site’s ranking in SERP’s. I saw several bloggers making silly seo mistakes and those mistakes hampering their post rankings in search engines.

Learn How to Fix Low Quality Content

Uninformative Content and Unhelpful Articles

The second most significant factor is to write informative articles. Keep always in mind that the article you‘re writing should be helpful to others. If your article has not the full information concerning the subject then it’s not worth for your readers and they won’t wish to return at your blog again and your blog will begin losing your visitor’s faith.

No Meta Description and Keywords Tags

Meta description and keywords are very important in terms with seo. These tags facilitate search engines to index your site along with your targeted keywords. Always write a 35-50 words description and use 4-5 keywords in keyword tag. If you are using WordPress as you blogging platform then you can use plugin to enable description and keywords tags.

No Headings or Repeated Heading Tags

Headings are very important for every website or blog. If you are using proper heading tags in your articles then the possibilities of getting higher rankings will automatically increase. However I saw many blogs that aren’t using heading and some of them are repeating heading tags. Use of such a lot of h2 or h3 tags or articles without headings can never perform as per editor’s expectations. Therefore the conclusion is often use proper and keyword optimized headings and don’t repeat them.

Use ALT Tags to Make It More SEO Friendly

Images are the sole of a website or a blog. It’s good to use relevant pictures along with your posts. Images not solely create a post appearance great however it also facilitate to form your post more seo friendly by using ALT tags. Use your main keywords in alt tags of images to increase keyword density. You can use your secondary keywords as name of images.

Post Inter Linking

Internal linking is the best strategy to extend visit time to your site. It’s also help to decrease bounce rate and provide a better user experience. It’s also good for seo because you can use keywords as anchor text which will help you to get higher rankings in SERP’s. It will also increase page views at your blog which will make a decent amount of cash for you.

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One thought on “Why My Blog is Not Getting Search Traffic

  1. Nice tips gaurav.. I do agree with what you have mentioned in this blog post..After panda and penguin we have to build up genuine and quality content today for both offpage and onpage .. If your readers does not engage with your blog and your bounce rate is high than certainly you would not get any type of search engine ranking..

    Ovais Mirza

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