Blog Posts: Quality or Quantity?

The length of the blog post is critical as a blog should be created within the attention length span of online users and

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Why t Focus on Quality

possible followers. A blogger should put this always in mind as most of the online users are checking out more than one website at a time. When the online user’s interest has not been quite piqued by the title of the blog post or its opening sentence, there is a very big probability that the user would not finish reading the whole thing and just close the tab and move on to another site. That is how fast paced the events in the cyber world is.

Some bloggers might contest to this point of view as they might not be able to convey as much as information as they might want to. This brings the ball to the court of those bloggers that believes that the longer the blog post, the better it would not just for the writer but most importantly to the reader who would benefit the most from what the blog has to offer. A question might arise as this is being debated on and that question would bewill the quality of the content vary on the length of the material. This is what online experts might want to answer in the future.

At present, blogs are being limited to 1000 words. As far as more people are concerned, that would be sufficient to convey a message. Bloggers would also have a better experience in maintaining that spot updated and materials with quality and timely information. Also, an online blogger needs to keep in their mind that they are making materials for a blog and not for a thesis or research paper. There are only a few scholars that would want to read a lengthy material that is purely giving a blow by blow information after information. The lengthier a blog post, there is a bigger probability that readers would not finish the whole material thus making some valuable bytes just go to waste. This is what is needed to be considered by those bloggers who might agree that the length of the blogs should be more than what is allowed at present.

For those who believe that the shorter the blog is the better, would it be enough to convey the message needed by the readers? If a blog would be shortened, readers might need more information thus instead of reading the blog, they might just go on a little research themselves about the topic that the blogger introduced. Also, if the blog would be shortened, the reader might experience an information overload as the blogger might have the tendency to congest too many information with the limit number count that is allowed for a particular blog.

Quantity would not always be the factor that bloggers need to consider. The quality of the blog content is still more important compared to the number of words that is composed of. Some blogs might get its appeal from how the topic is being discussed while there are certain topics that need to be expounded more thus would need more word content. At this point, one can say that the length of a blog would always be on a case to case basis. The limit can still be imposed on regular blogs but if there is more need for informational blogs, there might be a need to develop a new blog spot that purely caters to blog posts that would need more number word content. This might also encourage more people to write and also to read blog posts as the contents would be categorized and would be easier to check out posts that would answer to the needs of their interest and also of their curiosity.

The debate on whether to modify the word content of a blog might go on as long as there are people that are making blog posts. A blogger needs to put into their mind that if there would be no readers and/or followers, there would be no blog posts. Having this to consider, blog sites need to ask their patrons on whether or not they prefer longer or shorter blogs. This is to verify whether blogs are achieving one of its purposes which is to cater the information needed by online users which would be put into a more appealing context that gave birth to blog sites. Regardless of the length, the blog should still be able to publish with quality.

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