How To Blog As A Career in 2017?

Blogging emerged as the most prominent career option in three-four years. Recently, Blogging is the very common word among the people of 15 years to 50 years old.

New people start blogging even he/she does not know the real meaning of blogging. Generally, what does new people think about blogging?

They think it is nothing but writing content, inserting 1-2 pictures, inserting 1-2 video and finally hit publish. That’s it!

Do you think it is real blogging, if you are taking it as a career option? I’d say – a big NO.

Internet Lifestyle

Every month new bloggers are coming in blogosphere because of attractive and glamorous internet lifestyle. Everyone wants to achieve success like Mark Zukerberg as he did in his very young age.

Initially, Bloggers think that they’ll get paid post and they’ll earn only for publishing article while enjoying on beach, but it is not truth. If it happens with you then you are blessed.

Blogging is a long term process to build your blog like a big brand. It is plain truth that 99% blog fails at initial stage because of following reasons:

  • They treat their blog as money making source in rough manner.
  • They copy content from other places on internet.
  • Their blog design and many ads Placement annoy visitors.
  • They spam so many links (or in text ads link) in their article.
  • They do not take it seriously.
  • Most of the time their website is down due to bad hosting.
  • They don’t provide sufficient and helpful information.
  • They lack in communication.
  • They don’t treat their blog as their real career (business).
  • They write their blog post infrequently.
  • They have no idea to attract customers as well as effectively market their services.
  • They don’t make their strategies.

And many more. Visitors to your blog demands unique content with helpful resources. If you stand successfully on all perspective to your visitor then damn sure you’ll be superstar blogger.

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Survey says, Very few blogger earns more than $500; the reason is crystal clear, as above mentioned points well describes the reason for no earning. Every blogger should consider these things if they want to take blogging as a better career option. If you lack even in a single point then you’ll be at the place of frustration.

Interest, Scope, Aptitude

If you take blogging seriously as per career perspective, then it is really the best way to survive because it is free from geographical barrier that helps to grow easily and you can earn handsome amount under your roof; but you need to do blogging seriously.

Forget about blogging as a carrier for a while. Okay! Suppose, if you want to pursue any professional course then how would you select your course to make that course as your living? Firstly, you’ll check your Interest regarding the course; secondly, you’ll check Scope for your interested course.

If you move ahead with these two components of success. Your success rate would be low. Thirdly, If you check your Aptitude along with Interest and Scope then your success rate would be very high and you can do wonder in your profession.

Interest and Scope are proportional to your eternal choice, but you need to work on your Aptitude. In Blogging, Aptitude acts as appealing skills to attract visitors (users) to your blog; it is all about Blog design and platform, Management Skills, SEO, Promotional Activities, Money making Strategies, Relationship Building tactics and self generated ideas that makes you different in rush. If we work harder on the concept of “Earn through Interest” then we’ll definitely get success in less time.

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Blogging for Income – Is it easier?

When a new blogger comes in blogosphere, everything seems great, they decide to update their blog twice or thrice a day. They write on various topics. They use various affiliates and so many PPC advertisements. If they do not get any clicks and any customers for their affiliate product, they get frustrated and they move to quit blogging.

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All these tactics are the real tactics to make money through blog but it needs proper planning and traffic to your blog. Before you decide to be next Darren Rowse or Brial Clark you need to give your time in research work as well as in strategy making.

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Always remember: Path to success is always under construction even not a straight line so you have to work harder on it and try to make your own path because every successful person have their own ideas or own way to write success story.

As for example, if you want to earn through affiliate products; it is better to write review on the product then promote it virally on all social media sites. You’ll absolutely get 1 or 2 customer who would like to know more about products directly from your tongue.

If you are a student cum serious part time blogger then writing ‘Professional Blogger’ in your resume will put star in your personality.

Don’t bother about your Blogging Career, just go ahead with proper planning and manage everything smartly; finally you’ll write your own Success story.

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Wishing you all the success ahead!

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

18 thoughts on “How To Blog As A Career in 2017?

  1. As a career blogging is a better option because blogging provides a lot of information which is related to the career point. The blogging is also a good approach from the earning point of view. In blogging you can post any information regarding the career point. So, it gives a better option in pursuing a bright future.

  2. Well as an indian citizen and being from middle class family i cannot opt blooging as a full time carrier hope you got it @Avinash.

    And for the bloggers who wish to make to full time its an awesome idea and to get success the hardwork is important.

  3. Hi Gaurav,
    Blogging can definitely become a career, especially if one is passionate enough and can stick to his/her goals on their chosen niche. However, for newbies, they must not take blogging too lightly, and they should not quit their day job immediately as blogging is a gradual process, not a quick money-making venture. Also, I believe blogging can be done by anyone, but not anyone can stick to their goals especially if they are earning only a little and progressing very slowly.

    1. Hello Felicia,

      “Passion” is another key to success; Without Passion no one can achieve their goal. Newbies should take extra care at least for 3 months of starting otherwise they can get frustration regarding their goal.

      We should select our goal and need to work on it with our full dedication then i am damn sure no one can defeat us. 🙂

      Thank you and stay tuned for latest update on blogging

  4. Hi Gaurav! Really Lovely Query, In my Opinion Blogging is great career for future life but we can not be fully depended on it. That’s fact its good to make money online at your home. I think so This is the side business.Well thanks for sharing of nice query..

    1. Hello Swati,

      Yes, Blogging as a career is a great topic for discussion and mostly people have lots of confusion regarding blogging to make money at initial stage.

      Stay tuned with me for latest updates on blogging.
      Thank you for leaving comment here, kindly visit again

  5. Hi Gaurav,

    No matter what we choose , part-time of full-time blogger … blogging can be a form of new career this day.

    Because, it’s all about doing what we like. If you do like blogging you will enjoy it. Moreover if you can earn some money of it … you will love it.

    I like what you said about “path of success” … it’s not instant!. You need plan and hard work to make it happen.


    1. Hello Simran,

      Your words have some gravity and i really love to listen those words from you because you are another Amazing Blogger. 🙂

      We should make proper plan to achieve our success; as I’ve seen many bloggers are making huge money from blogging as a part time only.

      Thank you for leaving comment here, Kindly visit again

  6. Blogging is really an awesome career choice. Now i am doing blogging as Part time and making few bucks from it. But I am enjoy writing. Thanks for your tips.

    1. You are welcome Avinash 🙂

      You are another example in blogging who makes money.
      Keep Going my friend and motivate others to blog as a passion.

      Thank you for leaving comment here.

  7. Not sure if it is a career option as I’m just doing it a part time and by doing part time it is helping me make huge money that a good service employee unable to make. And I’m happy with that!

    But yeah! Blogging can be long lasting I can do this till my last breath. 🙂

    1. Glad to hear your last words 🙂

      If you can make huge money from part time then just think about full time blogging, how much you can make? 🙂

      Stay tuned for more, thanks and keep visiting

  8. Successful bloggers are not one time race winners,they all have worked hard to get to the position they are now.The reason they are still here is the passion and hope to get success despite ups and downs.

    1. Yes, i am agree with you; Successful bloggers are those bloggers who interacted more with their visitors.

      As I’ve mentioned above, Initially bloggers fails because of their negative attitude towards blogging.

      Stay tuned with me for latest updates, thanks for leaving comment here

  9. Hi Gaurav,
    Well, I think blogging can be the best career option one can ever have. It is also considered as one of the best source of income and yes it is easier too. All you need to do is to think in an unique way for your post and also to make it as creative as possible so that it attracts the attention of readers and also to visit your blog for the second time. Simply make your blog a welcoming place for your visitors and also update it with fresh, innovative posts. That’s all I think. Thanks for the update!!

    1. Hello Aditi,

      You are absolutely correct, Our blog should be welcoming place for our visitors so that they can get more, also we should make our blog as a good place for information.

      Thank you for leaving comment here, stay tuned with me for more updates on blogging. 🙂

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