Bing Ranking Policies for HTTPS and SSL Sites

In our previous articles we have discussed a lot about HTTP, HTTPS and SSL protocols. We have also discussed about a lot on, how Google start giving a ranking boost to those sites which are having HTTPS and SSL certificates. And now today in this article we’re going to discuss about Bing ranking policies related to HTTPS and SSL Sites.

vincent of Bing
Vincent of Bing saying that they have no plans for HTTPS

In august 2014 Google declared that they’ll give a minor ranking boost to those sites which are using HTTPS and SSl certificates. They did this because they want to make internet secure and after this official statement of Google, webmasters start shifting their sites to HTTPS. You can learn more about the difference between HTTP and HTTPs so that you can understand the concepts of these protocols easily.

After a long time, at a recent expo of SMX, Vincent Wehren of Bing declares their ranking policies for Https and SSL sites.

Let’s see below that what did he said.

“We have no plans for HTTPS and SSL sites. We don’t think that HTTPS and SSL can be use as a ranking factor. He said that they just want to serve high quality content to their searchers and for this security is not a concern”

So remember one thing that HTTPS and SSL certificates can help you only in Google search not in Bing or Yahoo. So think twice before shifting to Https because I think it’ll not give any major benefit in terms with ranking.

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