The Battle of Genesis and Thesis -A Comparison

A Comparison of Thesis and Genesis

So you want to be a blogger. That is great news; however, it is rather important to know what you are getting yourself into. After all, you write not just for your happiness and of course, not just for the people who know you and will read and love your blogs anyhow.

Nevertheless, simple having great content will not draw people to read your blog. If you are serious about your blog and really want people to read it, you will certainly need to have an idea about great frameworks, a comprehensive set up of SEO rich content. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the power of the different servers. In fact, in other words you should be able to understand what terms like DS3 service solutions and business Ethernet connection mean.

The main concern however should be whether the whole thing is presentable to people or not. Moreover, unless you are able to attract people to comment, the whole point of having killer posts will go to a waste.


Genesis and Thesis- The Giants

The purposes of this piece will focus mainly upon the different kinds of frameworks that you should use for your blogs. For one, amongst so many frameworks present in WordPress, Genesis and Thesis are undoubtedly the best ones.

At the surface of it, both of them are extremely efficient and yes, both can be used to meet all your publishing demands.

Nevertheless, differences are present and if you are a Problogger, both will matter. Thesis for example will give you the full liberty to face-lift the look of your blog.

However, if themes based on children are your forte, Genesis should be your framework of choice. That is of course not to say that they were not developed beautifully by some of the best designers in the industry. Both frameworks have been known to load fast and both are widely used and stand to gain the best implementations of SEO content.

The Comparison Begins

Frameworks are pretty much like dresses. There is never a size or solution, which will fit all. The first point of difference is the process of installing the frameworks.

To put it simply, Genesis wins without trouble in this field at least. For one, the process is easy and will take less time as well. Thesis needs not just special permission, but a FTP program as well. Genesis will be installed from the Dashboard of WordPress.

Nonetheless, when it comes to design and encoding your blog pages, be sure to take some time off and explore and settle accordingly. In addition, yes, let us also not forget the topic of finances.

As mentioned, with Thesis you can actually create something unique, which is bound to stand out from the other blogs. However, make no mistake that you will need to spend some amount of good money in order to get the best results.

After finally loading Thesis, what you will get is a simple white page, a clean canvas if you will and then you will have to make tweaks accordingly.

Genesis on the other hand has some previously prepared designs, which will enable you to get some basic and at the same time some unique framework for your content. Moreover, with Genesis you will be able to customize your page with some of the templates.

Miscellaneous Differences

Genesis is outright the most cost effective option that you will get. Thesis, with all its capabilities cannot be exactly called a very pocket friendly option.

As far as your SEO concerns lie, both frameworks have been known to provide some excellent results. Optimization for homepage is great for both of the frameworks and provides customized options for SEO, no matter what your post is.

You will be spared from a third SEO plugin party as well. Nonetheless, Genesis does strike out a bit owing to the ease of better customization for all your content and your pages.

As far as support systems are concerned, both Genesis and Thesis falling under WordPress have great systems for support.

Yet, Thesis is a tad better than Genesis, since the amount of activity dished out by the different communities of Thesis is remarkable. The communities around Genesis are however known to like their laziness.

Overall, you should try both and see which suits your needs best!

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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