7 Secrets for Pinterest Power Users

Pinterest is addictive, no doubt. What is there not to like in the site, anyway? You can create a bulletin board for pinterest-tips-secretsyourself, ‘pinning’ all your interests, whether that’s do-it-yourself projects, food, gardening, books or crafts the possibilities are limitless. The site recently crossed the ten million user mark and is a great way to project your ideas to the world. Pinterest is easy on the eye and split into comfortable categories that have something for everyone. Like we stated earlier, this site is addictive and you know you are an addict when you find yourself spending time answering Pinterest questions, cleaning up your pin board, working with original content to satisfy your many followers on the site. You’re not just an addict- you’re a ‘power user’. Here are some tips that every power user should know.

Be responsible

When you repin, make sure you’ve gone through the content (Learn more about content writing ideas) that you plan to share. You might think this is a waste of time and not your problem, but considering that you’re repinning it, it is your reputation on the line too. Part of your work should be to ensure that the links work and there is a connection between the image and the content.  You can use sites like PinSearch and TinEye to find the original sources of the content or image you want to share.  A simple Google Images search will do too.

Be different

Pinterest has some staple interest like fashion, motivation and craft. You don’t want your pin board to be one of those because you will become a face in the crowd. Make sure your pin board stands apart. Think hard about this before you go down this road. The niche you create for yourself should be unique and special.


Pinterest loves quotes and images and if you want to be the one who’s repined then get smart about it. You can use third party services like PinWords.com to do your work for you and see your initial posting grow.

Make it cost

It helps to add a currency sign over the pin, along with a description. This helps with the wish lists and your followers will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to click on the pin to find out the cost- the price banner will do it for them.

Don’t go comment crazy

Pinterest is a visually appealing site and the last thing you need is too many comments when you’re looking at lovely stuff. You can use a bookmarklet called Toggle Pinterest Comments to hide the comments to make for a more enjoyable experience.

Save time

If you want to save time, highlight a portion of the text on the page you want to pin. Add it to the bookmarks bar using the Pin It button and that becomes the description of the pin. This saves you time and effort to do more browsing on Pinterest!

Get help on pictures

You might love to add pictures but Pinterest needs large pictures and videos that are compatible for its site. To do more, pin the picture you want to use, use the ‘See your pin’ option to edit your image. It takes work, but it is a solution.


Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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