6 Simple Ways Bloggers Can Profit With Mobile Marketing

Do you target mobile users?

Now is the best time to re-purpose your marketing systems. There are thousands of potential customers who are waiting for you to reach them.

The era of “you build it and they’d come” is long gone. These days, you MUST embrace marketing from all angles. Due to ignorance, most bloggers think that all they need do on a daily basis is writing and hitting publish button. How pathetic?

If that’s your strategy, I’m here today to challenge it. This 2013 is the year to widen your horizon. Find out where your target audience is hanging out, and begin to communicate value to them.

This way, they can visit your blog willingly, read your content and subscribe to your list. But look no further, mobile marketing is the BIG BANG right now – Blue chip companies and Pro bloggers have plunged themselves into it already.

What are you waiting for? Here are 6 simple ways you can profit with mobile marketing:


1. Reach a wider audience

Recent studies show that mobile internet users are going to trump PC users by 2015. We’d see to that. But that should tell you something – are you missing out?

Everyone and their kids have mobile phones already. If you optimize your blog for mobile, you’d no longer struggle to drive targeted traffic.

Is your blog mobile friendly? Find out with some free tools. Just go to Google and search for “mobile site checker.”

If your blog is broken and incompatible, get help from a professional mobile designer or use plugins to enhance the layout.

Of course, I wouldn’t advice you ignore PC users – on the contrary, spread your wings to mobile internet users as well. It’s the best marketing decision you could make this 2013.

2. Get real-time traffic

I’m sure you’ve your smartphone with you right there? I’m with my Samsung Galaxy Tab right here. You can’t imagine the amount of real-time traffic your blog can attract if you target mobile internet users. Unlike PC which doesn’t produce instant traffic.

Let’s assume you just published a valuable post. And you want people to share it on their Facebook pages and retweet it. I can assure you that mobile users would be the first to initiate social sharing, because they’re logged on at all times.

Personally, I like instant gratification online. That’s why I prefer buying digital e-books, than waiting for 2 – 7 days to get my hard copy book shipped to me. If you get real-time traffic, you’d make more money easily.

3. Increase conversion rate

In line with real time traffic, conversion rate is what bloggers crave for. The number of people who can buy your product (affiliate/your own) is proportional to the number of persons you can reach at the click of a button.

Mobile targeting can afford you the opportunity to sell faster, and create more helpful products because now you’re motivated.

Without motivation, you can’t possibly go far in your blogging business. Recognize that mobile users respond faster to offers. Then, take advantage of it and profit.

4. Build your email list faster

A blogger who isn’t concerned about email list is literally wasting his or her time. I can assure you that email marketing is the best channel to build trust with potential prospects and blog readers.

It doesn’t matter what your blog is about, collect email leads first.

There are several tactics to employ when building a list, but the fastest is via mobile marketing. It’s just like embedding optin box on your Facebook page, so that fans can easily opt in.

When your blog is mobile friendly, people can gladly subscribe, confirm their account and eagerly expect your follow up emails.

From several indepth research studies, people who subscribe to a list via mobile are usually targeted. They can purchase almost immediately.

I’m yet to understand why they spend money lavishly, but it’s all good for bloggers who have something to sell. Don’t you think so?

5. Build credibility with mobile internet users

If you’re known as an expert online, by PC users, I need you to understand that that is one step.

There is more to building credibility as a blogger. Mobile prospects needs to know who you are, what you can do for them and how authentic your solutions are.

You already know that mobile users are responsive. This shows that if you ignore their presence, you’d be leaving a lot of money on the desk. Just like Facebook and Twitter, which have built strong mobile influences, you should tour the same path.

And it’s not as difficult as you think. Start by developing an App for your blog, which your mobile audience can find helpful. That way, you’ll create an impression that you’re after solving their problems – not yours.

6. Enhance your social influence

The final piece of puzzle to ‘this’ is social influence. How many people know you on Facebook? What about Twitter?

If you ignore these social networks, I wonder how you’re going to convince social media users. The truth is, most of your ideal customers are active members on Facebook.

They might have made a decision to listen only to marketers who communicate via social media platforms. This can be seen from the point of being friendly via tweets, retweets and how you react to emotional questions.

Mobile marketing takeaway

92% of my ideal customers log on to their facebook accounts, daily, using their mobile devices. I’m more of a PC person, but I’ve to adjust and do what they want.

And since they’re vital to my success, I have to go mobile as well. Your target audience has the final say. Don’t be too bossy and lose out. Start building your social influence via mobile today. See you at the top!

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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