5 Reasons That You Must Not Host Your Own Website

Hosting a website is an added complex effort that meets the eye.

At first impression, hosting a website sounds a very simple sort of job. It involves work like uploading certain number of website files to server, connecting server to the internet and finally it seems as if a website is created. Unluckily, hosting a website is not such easy if it would have had been then every person using internet must have hosted a website.

In the coming content we’ll be looking at some of the reasons that explain why a person should not host his/her own website.


1.       In today’s time, a website demands the most recent web server software.

The excellent news is that nearly all of the known hosting setting software nowadays is open source. The awful news is that until and unless one is really known with the software, it’s not precisely plug_and_play. Preparing a windows-based server situation can be full of complications and decisions have to be made about which version of these platforms must be used and how it will all be kept maintained and up to date.

2.       By hosting your own host website you are exposing your own network.

In a situation when one is hosting the website on the same network or server on which the rest of organization’s work is carried on, the person is on his own exposing his own network to any security exploits or flaws that may be created by the website. All this can weaken your website’s security thereby creating an open invitation to the hackers.

3.       Today a website essentially needs up to date web server hardware.

An adequate amount of processing memory and power is needed, in addition to a reliable system to carry on the website performance.

4.       Present internet connection is most likely not redundant.

The high-speed cable internet or DSL connection mostly used by small organizations and businesses would never be adequate to host a website. Thousands of people simultaneously may use a website at a particular time; such a consumer grade internet connection would never meet the requirement to host a website.

5.       No technical support team

Another difficulty, that one can face at the time of hosting a website on own is of no support regarding any hardware/server problems that can occur. Answers and resolutions to problems should be managed both efficiently and quickly. Hiring someone to solve a problem can be risky as there are things that have to be kept private regarding an own hosted website.

These are just some of the many reasons that are generally faced at the time of hosting an own website. The best way to host a website in today’s time is by dealing with a professional and reputed website hosting company. A hosting company will assure you that the website will run on the most recent quality hardware.

Summarry – So, if you are one among the few who is planning to host a website just give it a second thought as it may not be as simple as it sounds.

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