5 Duplicate Content Checker Tools Explained

Isn’t it painful to see the content you produced after burning lot of oil has been mercilessly used by someone else? As much distressful it is to see low quality or copied material coming from someone you trusted for sharing your writing load. Especially if you are a webmaster, a business website owner, a blogger or an SEO expert, you must have suffered such setbacks some time or the other. And because you are in a profession that calls for enormous amount of content consistently, outsourcing is inevitable. This is what presents a two way challenge. One is obviously finding quality and established writers for the material; and second, checking their work for duplicity.

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Since the need for content over web has triggered, writing has turned into a promising career. As a result, millions of newbie writers are trying hands over web. Temptation to earn quick bucks forces them to malpractice. On the other hand, there are experienced and seasoned writers who refrain from doing such things, but are likely to face deadline pressures. In either of the occasions, odds are you will have to keep a check on exclusivity and this cannot be accomplished unless you have good and handy duplicate content checker tools. Vast insight pertaining duplicity manager products is available on web, though to simplify your search and introduce you to some state-of-the-art tools, here are my top five duplicate content checker tools.

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Copyscape: The Most Trusted Tool

Among all the tools available for checking duplicity, Copyscape happens to be my first preference! Inherent features, such as the ability to check copied version of content by pasting or providing the URL and zip fast report of replica content, makes it a favorite of majority of experts. All you have to do is simply copy the desired text into Copyscape and there it whooshes through the virtual space to revert with links to all the web sites, blogs, forums and even .PDF documents. Best on your part is that you can precisely see what portion of text is copied. Checking for content duplicity in a given URL is anytime absolutely free, but when you want to make sure uniqueness in your content, you must purchase Copyscape premium credits. At a meager expense of $10, you get 200 credits, each credit allowing content check up to 2000 words. This is incredibly affordable because you are checking as high as 40000 words for one dollar!

But this is not all! Copysentry is an advanced feature associated with this tool which empowers you to monitor copies of your published content or web pages. What’s more, a personalized alert gets sent over your email whenever your content is copied. This way, it is possible to safeguard your content from getting duplicated or modified, and eventually to manage plagiarism cases. Split into the standard and professional services, former is a weekly check costing $4.95 a month while the latter, an everyday check at just $19.95 per month. By signing with Copyscape, you are geared up for the next gen experience in content management.

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Dupli Checker is your Friend to Keep Posting Fresh Content

In the process of gaining a high page rank in search engines, you apply every bit of effort for the success of your SEO campaign. Submitting lot of content over article directories every day is a major aspect of it. However so as to meet Google’s search algorithms, it is paramount that your content is far from simple copy and paste. This includes the so called ‘exclusive’ content rolled out using an article spinner and is bound to get removed from search results. One tool that can be exceedingly helpful in this respect is Dupli Checker! Searching duplicate content with Dupli Checker is anyways easy and absolutely free, whether you do it by directly copying the text to the tool’s search box or upload the text file.

But what separates it from other content checker tools is they share immense wisdom over plagiarism, insightful tips for writers about writing, proofreading, editing, etc., SEO writing and everything that helps to create engaging and plagiarism free content. Moreover with their SEO related services, they can help you with fresh and original content acceptable as per Google’s norms. In short, DupliChekeris a multi-utility tool. Professional web writers have been using this freeware content checker extensively and spreading a word about it!

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Plagiarisma is a Fast and Convenient Duplication Finder

Beyond just checking for duplicate content through its search window, you get many featuresby way of Plagiarisma. The tool is liberal in using search engine,so you can select the preferred one amid Google, Bing and Yahoo, although the tool recommends Google because of its obvious advantages. Come whatever file format you are using, Plagiarisma is identically powerful to search from files like pdf, doc, docx, rtf, odt, txt and even html. Its ability to provide link details or uploading a file directly provides enough freedom to search the contents.

To be called the USP of this tool, you can check duplicate content in more than 190 languages! That portrays the richness of Plagiarisma as a multi-lingual online instrument. Other advantages like spellchecker, synonymizer, books search, etc. are far reaching from a writer’s perspective. Simply sign in to enjoy this versatile tool for free!

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Plagium: The Quickly Popular New Entrant

A new kid on the duplicate content searching block, Plagium already has a large fan following over social networking sites like Facebook and Twittter. Well equipped with the basic features like checking text or URL, this smart site maintains the history of your earlier searches and above all, you can very well configure alerts on the registered email address. The paid service of Plagium is very cost-effective as it allows 60000 search units or 12 searches for just 1 USD.

What amazes you over this tool is that you receive email alerts the moment someone duplicates your content, no matter whether it is copied over Yahoo, Bing or Google. That said, you can call it a competitor for Copyscape!

Similar Page Checker from Webconfs.com Compares Page Similarity

With so much of text getting uploaded over the web every moment, nobody can deny likelihood of content similarity. Though it can be purely coincidental, content over distinct websites can match. With Similar Page Checker, you can check percentage of content resemblance by entering URLs of two different web pages. This is a great utility for you to monitor and minimize percentage of duplicity over your site. Eventually you lower probability of getting penalized for plagiarism. It’s a free to use tool and anytime a welcome idea to keep.

Maximizing your content’s originality and preventing it from falling prey to plagiarism regulations is the sole aim behind any of the duplicate content checker tools. Furthermore, you strongly adhere to search engine guidelines when you constantly keep the published or ready-to-publish content under duplicity scan. And so long as your content is novel, it won’t get obstructed form finding its worth over the search engines. After all, that’s what you wished for when producing the content!

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