4 Ways New Bloggers Can Get Traffic With Twitter

Becoming an established blogger within a chosen niche is not something that comes easily – but it is something that’s possible with extra tools and resources, specifically if you want to get traffic with Twitter. It takes, time, hard work, dedication, engagement and above the creation of high quality, remarkable content. The best blogs within any niche tend to have recognition from the other leading bloggers within the same sphere.There are no short cuts to achieving this goal so it is futile trying to take any. However that doesn’t mean there isn’t any ‘low hanging fruit’ that you can’t grab. Here we discuss four practical ways you can build up traffic and overall awareness of a newly created blog.


Comment on other industry blogs

This will help you to make other blog owners aware that you have entered their niche. Whenever you do leave a comment make sure it is of value and adds to the discussion, rather than writing generic, vacuous statements such as ‘great post’. Be controversial if it is appropriate because you want to attract as much attention in the early days and draw users towards you own site. To summarise there are several benefits of commenting on other sites within your niche…

-Drives relevant traffic to your site

-Makes blog owners aware of your site

-Makes other people reading the blog aware of your site

It will also assist you with search engine rankings as you will be building up a number of relevant backlinks, however this should NOT be your main motivation for commenting on other blogs.

Use Twitterfeed

Using Twitter is a pretty obvious method of promotion that I would hope most bloggers would already realise the benefit of using it. However knowing what to tweet or even having enough spare time to tweet can be difficult for some bloggers. One solution to the problem is to use a piece of software called Twitterfeed which aggregates other blogs and then automatically tweets the title of a new blog when it is posted. To use Twitterfeed you need to firstly register with them and then load into the backend what are known as RSS feeds from relevant blogs. You can find these by looking for the RSS button on related blogs or by searching online using the following query…[KEYWORD] + RSS, so for example “fishing” + RSS. The URL you need to copy and paste usually looks like this…www.website.com/feed.xml. Only add in trusted sites that you know post quality content. You also have the option to add on hashtags on the end of tweets which will help people find your topics when then search twitter. I have used this strategy before and quickly managed to build up a large following because what you are ineffective doing is creating an industry ‘hub’ where all the latest industry news can be found! A note of caution however, do not rely entirely on twitterfeed and remember to post some actual tweets yourself!

Write about other industry influencers

Another great way to get someone’s attention is to write about them. The question is what do you write about? You could do a review of a blogger’s best or worst posts or perhaps make a comprehensive list of all the bloggers within one particular niche (although this normally already exists) Another idea is to interview someone with a Q and A, as many bloggers will really appreciate the exposure you are offering them. Don’t be afraid to be controversial because you are new and need to get noticed. Try to think of something that could cause a bit of a stir without making yourself an instant pariah. Sometimes a negative can be seen as a positive, for example you could write a blog post entitled “10 things xyz.com could do better online” which could offer them advice about how they could improve their site.

Create imaginative content from the outset 

Most bloggers write blogs in the form of written text which is of course entirely as to be expected. However if you want to stand out a bit you could create a different kind of content such as videos, podcasts or visualisation of data. Because this type of content is easy to consume it gets linked to more often and shared more frequently hence the recent surge in number of people creating infographics. Again this just makes you different from all the others but whenever you create a form of content like this, like a video for example, make sure it is of good quality else you may end up being ridiculed. Don’t create something for the sake of it, make sure it adds value that will be appreciate by those that land on your site.

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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