31 Killer Social Media Tips For Bloggers

Social media tips is something I love to share frequently here on my blog; and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using social media for promoting your business and reaching out to new prospects, or for promoting your products and services or for promoting content on your blog, as long as you’re using it to your best advantage that’s all that matters.

As a blogger, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the latest social media trends; there are always new features, new tools and entirely new platforms emerging on the horizons that make our use of social media more effective and productive.

Social Media Tips for Bloggers

Today I want to share 31 awesome social media tips for bloggers, some of these tips you might have come across before some not, but let’s dive straight in –

  1. Create a unique bio for each of your social media profiles.
  2. Create a custom URL for your social media profiles using Pretty Link plugin for WordPress.
  3. Use Facebook promoted posts to get more exposure to your most essential content.
  4. Create a custom Twitter background and include your Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profile URL’s in the graphic.
  5. Use the same profile image as your WordPress Gravatar image so that people can instantly recognize you.
  6. Create a shockingly unique and captivating banner image for your Facebook page.
  7. Brand all your other social media profiles that allow you to upload your own unique banner image such as Google+, YouTube and Flickr.
  8. Don’t just upload to YouTube, use Facebook Video, Vimeo and other platforms that allow you to upload and share video media.
  9. Write a 400 word post on Google+ and add links to other posts on your blog.
  10. Post your milestones and achievements on your Facebook page.
  11. When pinning images on Pinterest, optimize your descriptions with keywords and hashtags.
  12. Don’t just post your own links on Twitter and Facebook, be resourceful and share other content that you believe your audience will appreciate.
  13. Use HootSuite or BufferApp to schedule your social media shares.
  14. Get rid of your annoying default Twitter avatar and use your own image, as generic as this tip might sound, there are thousands of twitter users still doing it.
  15. Avoid using twitter automated software’s.
  16. Don’t wait until you find a computer… Tweet, Like, Give a Plus One, Share on LinkedIn, Pin on Pinterest all from your Smartphone.
  17. When using SlideShare, use the first few slides to promote your blog…
  18. Create a YouTube video recording and publishing schedule.
  19. Stop being camera shy! Just do it…
  20. Have something unique and memorable in your YouTube videos.
  21. Make better use of your Video insights to fine tune your video marketing strategy.
  22. Deal with negative comments on social media in a professional and positive way.
  23. Frequently post your old posts that were once hot topics on Facebook.
  24. Organize and hold a hangout on Google+ with your fellow bloggers.
  25. Shorten links with Goo.gl.
  26. Complete your company page on LinkedIn to 100%, yes your blog is your business!
  27. Join, participate or create your own LinkedIn group.
  28. When posting a question or poll on Facebook, promote it by sharing the link to the post on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn for more exposure.
  29. Create a weekly or daily activity schedule for each of your social media profiles.
  30. Always, share something useful and valuable on social media sites, never spam.
  31. Get more retweets, twitter followers and increase presence on Twitter using JustRetweet!

So there you have it folks, 31 cool social media tips for you to digest. If you’d like to add to the list please do so in the comment section below, perhaps you can share some social media tips we don’t yet know about!

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

6 thoughts on “31 Killer Social Media Tips For Bloggers

  1. These are great tips, thank you. The tip about posting a video in all programs is definitely something that I would not have thought about because everything seems to go through YouTube these days that it seems unnecessary to use anything else; but I can see how it would help spread a page. I also appreciate the tip about bringing back up relevant articles/posts from the past. Even if some readers have already received the information, new readers will not have and it’s valuable still.

    Thanks again for the post – they’re always so helpful.

  2. Hello Gaurav,
    really awesome social media tips for bloggers like me.I always try to use social media website in an effective manner.Just read whole your post and got something unique from it.Will use tips on blogs pages.

  3. Its an awesome article Gaurav, these tips are good and helpful for a beginner like me. 🙂 You have covered many silly mistakes like no background image in Twitter, and i was just spamming my Website fan pages but since i started sharing status and photos with them, it helped me a lot.


  4. Hey Gaurav,

    A very timely post to read since I have been planning to maximize my social media promotions for my blogs and I basically need some tips to properly use social media as a promoting tool which you have posted here in your blog. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  5. I would like to add some of my advices in hte above article. Among the best techniques to increase your following and increase engagement on social media marketing will be there consistently. Step one would be to place the right systems in position to help keep your posts relevant, intriguing and valuable for the audience.

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    Edgar lets you make your own content categories which means you could keep tabs on the precise forms of posts you’re releasing; this ensures you don’t overwhelm your followers with similar kinds of posts again and again.

    Manage content categories and prevent repeat posts with social networking scheduling tool Edgar.

    You may schedule repeat posts indefinitely, which means that your content schedule never runs dry. Plus Edgar enables you to upload custom images for the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn posts.

    While you create your content library, improve your schedule aided by the categories you need to release so when. Then let Edgar care for the remainder.

    Build a content library, update categories and schedule posts in Edgar.

    Leveraging a social media marketing scheduler like Edgar has saved me time, helped me grasp the picture as a whole in terms of my social media strategy and allowed us to remain on top of my game in terms of delivering valuable content to Fire Nation.

    Thanks & Happy Blogging…

    1. Thanks sam for posting on my blog. Regularly posting to your Social media pages facilitate get your audience into a rhythm. When they observe that you publish new content on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at noon, it can help remind them to check on in.


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