15 Powerful Tips to Become a Successful Blogger

What makes a Successful Blogger?

Today I’ve asked this question from myself and decided not to leave the workplace until the end of this article.

Blogs are more alive than ever, in many cases is the heart of Social Media, the place where the visitor to customer conversion can happen. Today I will discuss some of the key points that I consider to be a successful Blogger.

First of all, I want to differentiate, there are many who simply publish blogs to generate traffic and sell advertising, is their way of business, so in many cases the content is not so relevant, the more out ( with a minimum quality ) many people will visit. In many cases this is not blogging; rather they are translations, spinning or simply organize content.


Blogger is the name given to writing articles in the popular Blogs.

The Real Blogger is one who creates content, content that manages to create reactions in people. This creates a link between their readers. Of course this can bring many benefits, including recognition of their knowledge, experience, work, etc…

I have also written a detailed guide about how you can set up a successful blogger in a short tie.

In my opinion, these would be the point that we can find a successful Blogger when writing your articles.


1. A successful Blogger is identified. Whether your name or a pseudonym (as needed), but either way gives an author name to the article. If you do not let you put your name on the articles (eg.’re known as drafting or Administrator), you are not a Blogger, and you’re just a content generator for the sole purpose of generating traffic. (see why your blog is not getting search traffic)

2. Know structure their ideas. Essential Bloggers know how to capture thoughts & shape them, that is to say everything in the correct proportion, in the correct order. A review process of your text is always useful, synthesis, editing, etc…

3. Known to define the topic to be covered. A text that gives you a thousand definitions, speaks of  ”n” items at the same time confusing text at the end do not know what was the idea that he wanted to convey. That should not happen. A simple way to accomplish this is to define the title, if too large, then you have to re-define until sufficiently bounded.

4. Known shape their texts, and this is different to the point of ideas. Here I am talking about the shape that presents its content. Use paragraphs, lists, quotes, capitalization, style, etc… The presentation is key these days; a board invites you to read articles. Integrating visual content from the articles is highly recommended. (see how to write engaging content?)

5. A successful Blogger creates unique content, whether you are talking about an investigation itself or a popular theme (like talking on the iPhone); whatever there is something unique in the articles so it’s worth reading this Blogger in particular. Whether your style of writing that conveys the passion, creativity, explaining, knowledge or experience, there are a thousand ways. (see 5 Duplicate content checkers and how to fix low quality content?)

6. A successful Blogger brings the pace of content. A person who writes to express their ideas, not to talk like other Bloggers. Proposes and connects his subjects. Ask yourself what things you know would be of interest to your community.

7. A successful Blogger is attentive to the comments of the community. Publishing your articles is just the beginning, the most important is the reaction of the community, and the interaction tends to enrich the articles.

8. A successful Blogger knows how to express his opinion, and respect of others. Exchange of ideas is not an imposition of the same.

9. A successful Blogger writes fundamentals and supports their texts, judgments and opinions. And if necessary admit mistakes publicly, apologize if required. Cannot write what is not known, and by that I mean the opinions and judgments that are published without foundation, without investigation, without trying or knowing. It is very tempting to say, but if you do not know, it is best that you’re not in the position of opinion. Write about what you do know transmits security, believe it or not the reader perceives it.

10. A successful Blogger has good writing and spelling. I look like a broken record with this, but it is essential in a good articles. (see how to improve your writing skills?)

11. A successful Blogger knows how to use the language correctly. I am not particularly a big fan of writing with “bad words”, personally I think to make a point do not need to curse. But there are occasions that the right word is only one.

12. A successful Blogger writes for everyone. Having a large vocabulary is very good, but if your text requires a dictionary so that it can understand it is almost certainly going to lose a lot in the way. It should not be abused.

13. A successful Blogger does SEO when writing. Being found by search engines is key, and if the Blogger writes about the right way, your content will have better results with search engines. Already I used “Blogger” keyword many times in this article.

14. A successful Blogger is humble and achievable. Finally did the people, and people should be.

15. A successful Blogger love. Yes, it is the most difficult to “teach”. His articles manage to convey his passion, his enthusiasm for the subject. There are “tricks” to get securities more attractive, high-sounding phrases that attract attention, but love, love only those who write freely achieve what they like. When a Blogger falls, people come back to read it. (see why affiliate marketers fails?)

I do not intend to establish a rule that only seek to share my opinion on what I think makes a successful Blogger. Still think it could well be an initial guide for those starting in the world of Blogs. You can go through these Blogging Tips to learn more about a successful blogging career.

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

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