12 Refreshing Ways to Write Engaging Content

Blogging is all about publishing the contents for your readers. A number of blogs publish unique and excellent

Content Writing Ideas
Content Writing Ideas

quality content but somehow fail to engage their readers in active interactions.

Increasing the number of readers is desirable but after that you would want your readers to actively participate in discussions and share thoughts.

The blog must make its readers think of new ideas and give them an opportunity to present their thoughts and experiences to the world. However, the content that you share should have some attributes to instigate the readers to speak up on issues and interact with each other and the blogger.

Following are some of the ways in which you can entice your readers to share and contribute to your blog.

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1. Ask for Solutions

One good way to engage your readers is to present a problem and then asking the readers to give possible solutions. In this manner, the readers will think on the same problem and everyone will uniquely contribution to your blog. You can gain the attention of readers in this way and readers after thinking on an issue will give their contributions to your blog.

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2. Make Readers Share Experiences

You can explain a particular scenario or situation that you faced and also about your response in that case. The readers would automatically start engaging in your blog, and giving alternate suggestions on how it could have been done in a better way.

This is a good practice and a learning curve for you and your readers.

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3. Engage from the word-go

The best way to engage a reader with the topic is to engage his/her attention from the absolute beginning.

The attention of your readers must not divert after reading the opening few lines of a post. But instead, it should bind the reader into curiously reading the entire post. Then provoking the reader to give comments, suggestions or sharing his thoughts about what he thinks about the issue.

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4. Using Active Verbs

Use language that can bind your reader’s attention. For this you can make use of active verbs and not the inactive ones. This can raise their interest level but conveying energy.

The direct tone can just be what you need to engage your readers mentally in your post and encouraging their inputs.

5. Raise Ethical and Social Issues

The social and ethical issues play a key role in engaging your reader’s attention. The readers naturally have unique and different thinking on social and ethical issues.

This different thinking is what entices them to engage in discussions and debates. E.g. Government is considering a ban on fast food chains. Is it right? Such ethical and social questions can instigate users in favor and opposition to debate and discuss actively on your blog.

6. Ask Interesting Questions

Posing some genuine and thought provoking questions will help your blog engaging more readers. This question should be the focal point of entire post and it should be interesting and thought provoking enough to engage users in sharing their thoughts.

Remember that the readers get curious when questions on their niche of interest are posed. Questions should invite open responses and should never be close ended to invite only a range of answers.

7. Graphically Vivid Content

You should aim to draw a picture with the words and make people attend to what is being portrayed. The language and structure of sentences should be well connected to draw reader’s attention. The reader if impressed by a topic will definitely like to engage in discussing the possible outcomes and results of the whole issue.

8. Write Directly to your Audience

Remember that you are writing on a blog so you should be writing directly to your readers at all times. The first and second grammatical person language should be used to directly communicate with your audience. This will ultimately draw the reader closer to you and therefore create a bond that will later on help your cause of engaging the reader.

9. Intelligent Use of Words

You must use the words intelligently to attract your reader. There are many different ways of saying the same thing but being able to use words differently and intelligently is the requirement. Use funnier vocabulary, different witty words and intelligent sentence structures to grab your reader’s attention and engaging him into your thoughts.

10. Ask to Complete the Story

You can tell the reader an interesting but incomplete scenario or story and then ask the reader to complete it. The story may have a hidden puzzle, problem related to the niche, or a general problem. But, it should make users come up with interesting and unique thoughts to share and engage in discussions on your blog.

11. Ask for Tips to Solve an Issue

You can ask your readers to give tips on some problem bothering the niche community. The topic and tips you are asking for should be relatively simple and easy to understand for readers to actively engage.

12. Conclusive Post

You can also raise the overall quality of your post and make users reach a conclusion instead of asking for solutions. At times, this strategy can be employed to engage users into commenting on the results and conclusions which they have drawn from a post.

What others things do you do to create more engaging articles for your readers? Share your ideas below!

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