10 Tips for a Freelance Writer to Become a Blogger

This is my first guest post on Gaurav Heera’s Blog, however I have been working as a freelance writer for last three years and can’t actually recall if I ever missed any niche or topic to write on. Right from the reviews, tech topics, medical articles, web content to the adult articles, I have written everything.

I might be missing some of the topics and segments here but I have written much much more.

You know what?

My MS WORD here is not allowing me to write ‘Much Much More’ saying delete the repeated word but how to explain WORD that this is what I exactly mean ‘Much Much more’.

Well coming to my blog post title, I would like to state here that when I decided to write on Gaurav Heera’s Blog, I started searching for a good topic to write on.

I searched and searched for long but no topic was actually appealing me so I decided to write on my own journey from nothing to a freelancer and then to a blogger. I know that nobody would be interested in my story but this is what I want to start my first contest entry from. I won’t actually tell you about my story but will write about the things I learnt about blogging in my journey.

I finally decided to write on ‘Tips for a freelance to become a blogger?

If ever someone will ask me this question that Can a freelance writer turn into a blogger?

My answer would be ‘Yes’ and I would also add ‘Of Course’.

Based on my experience I would like to share a few tips for the freelance writers who want to start their own blog and a journey as a blogger.


Tips for a Freelance Writer to Become a Blogger

  1. Be Your Own Boss- All freelancers would agree to me that when we work as a freelance writer, we just work for others. It is a saying that freelancers are their own boss but the fact is far apart. We just work for our employers. But if you want to switch your career from a freelance writer to a blogger, start being your own boss. Think for yourself; write what you actually want to write and put all your skills into it.
  2. Decide A Goal- Setting a goal is important in every field and so is the case with blogging. Before you start with your own blog, set a goal. Decide if you are blogging to get good ads revenue or you want to get a good chain of readers. Are you blogging just for fun or you want to promote your business through your blog? Once your goal is set, start working on the path.
  3. Give Your Best- It is your own blog, so give your best shot. I am not saying that you must write badly for the employer’s, after-all they pay us. The plus in your own blogs is that you are not bound under the deadline, so take your time and write the best and detailed post. Explain the thing elaborately; remember there is no word count limit.
  4. Keep Experimenting- I am writing as a freelance writer on many blogs presently and the only glitch there is that I can’t experiment on anything where as in my own blog I can try anything I want. I can edit any of my post as many times as I want. I can write on any topic I wish to write on. Experiment with blogging tools available.
  5. Read More- This is the basic thing which is important for both freelance writers as well as bloggers. You can write well only if you read more. Keep looking for the good posts posted in good blogs, read them carefully. Try implementing on the tips written by the pro-bloggers.
  6. Be friend to your fellow bloggers- This is something which helped me a lot. When I started blogging, I faced many difficulties in setting it up and this is where I realized that blogger friends are very important to turn up into a blogger. I have more than 600 blogger friends in my Facebook profile and if not all, at least half of them are really good friends. They are ready to help me with any of my problem related to blogging.
  7. Keep your blog personable- Remember it’s your own blog so be as personable as you can. Creating a blog is very easy but becoming a good and successful blogger is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you want to become a blogger, the first thing you need to learn is to write what people want to read. What you say is important, but how you say is even more important. People will return to your blog only if they get what they want or if they understand what you are explaining to them. Being personable will create a faith in readers and they will interact through blog comments which would surely be beneficial to you. Being personable is good but remember; not to move away from the topic just to create an interactive post. Stick to your topic and niche of the blog.
  8. Learn Blog Promotion- I know that Content is the king of a blog but just writing the content is not enough. You have to spread your content worldwide if you actually want to become a renowned blogger. Proper SEO which includes getting quality backlinks, social media shares and comments in your blog posts are some basics of blog promotion. You can also use some good plugins specially designed for blog promotion.

This is all I want to say to my fellow freelance writers who want to become a blogger. I know you might be thinking that these are just eight tips. Actually I thought I have many tips and I will sort out best ten and pen it down here but after writing these 8 tips I feel that I have nothing more to say.

I have a great idea, why don’t you add any 2 more tips to my list. This will make the list complete and I will also get few more tips to be a good blogger.

An article by Sonam from Digital Cruise.


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