10 Great Google+ SEO Techniques for 2017

Millions of people are hooked on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Even big companies are on these platforms to promote their offers. With the combination of social media and online marketing strategies, plenty of entrepreneurs think that they have exhausted all their efforts and resources.

On the contrary, many of them have no idea that there is another flourishing service, which comes from one of the biggest tech companies worldwide.

This online community, which has recently celebrated its anniversary on 28 June 2017, is Google+ (read as Google Plus and, sometimes, written this way). Despite the fact that it is a newcomer in the industry, it has already amassed approximately 250 million users.

Combine Google Plus Activities with Search Engine Optimization

So, are you hoping to boost your business’ visibility and build a good brand image through the World Wide Web like many companies these days?

If you do, you can benefit greatly from the wonderful features of Google+ along with the combination of certain SEO techniques.

And which ones are these? Let us have a look at the following insights to find out.


1. Manage your circles

Create a specific group for the people in your industry. This way, you can separate personal contacts from professional ones, helping keep your stream updates relevant to each circle.

Take advantage of the fact that you can categorize the people you add to your network as well as customize content for each group.

2. Keep your posts public

By doing this, you can view “Ripples”, which is a specially designed visualization tool that shows the re-sharing activity of your post. More specifically, you can learn the following aspects:

  • Replay the sharing activity
  • Focus on particular events by making the image larger
  • Classify top contributors
  • Identify the most influential individuals included in the chain
  • Check out statistics regarding chain length
  • Know the users’ (sharing the content) language

Through such functions, you can determine which trending topics your groups are most interested in and who are likely to share the most. In return, you can use the data to come up with content that is more relevant. To top it off, you can earn quality backlinks, which help in boosting your PageRank.

3. Use the +1 button

Clicking this icon on Google+ pages (especially those with relevant updates) as well as other Web content (particularly on Google SERPs) allow you to suggest or share any information, which you find useful. Who knows, in return, other users may just click the +1 button on your social page and website (that is, if you have embedded it on your webpages) too.

You can even use Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to study your +1s data, which generally includes the following:

  • The group that has been using the button mostly
  • The +1s for specific pages on your site
  • The +1s you have given for other websites’ content

4. Promote your Google Plus page

You can apply this technique by linking to your other social networking accounts as well as your website. This way, you can gain more followers, especially when your followers or fans join your Google+ network.

5. Take advantage of Local

If you have not signed up on Google Places before, then you should definitely make the most of the “Local” tab on Google+. An added feature on 30 May 2012, it helps with easier indexing by the algorithm. In turn, it allows you to rank for location-based queries, especially if you optimize your listing properly.

6. Integrate a Google+ badge

It actually has two types, depending on the use. For instance, one version links to profiles, which are mostly ideal for individuals. On the other hand, the other version is suitable for pages, which is appropriate for promoting organizations, enterprises, or brands.

As an entrepreneur, the latter is perfect for you since it has functionalities that you cannot find on the former. These features include the following:

  • Assist Google in combining +1s from your site and your page
  • Make your business website qualified for Google+ Direct Connect
  • Lets the users engage directly with your brand through the badge

7. Incorporate relevant keywords

Do not just place any popular or high-ranking search term on your page. You must pick one or a set of key phrases related to your niche. As you are doing so, you need to remember these additional tips.

  • Put in strategic positions
  1. Tagline – It appears in search results whenever users look for your Google Plus page.
  2. Introduction – It serves as a brief opening into your company and offers.
  3. Post – It shows in the stream updates of your groups.
  • Consider relevant and trending topics to help you rank for certain keywords

8. Start hangouts

If you want your target customers to find you instantly, use this feature given that it is one of the hottest social media functions these days. You probably want to know why. Check out the following reasons to find out why “Hangouts” is very popular these days that even the U.S. President Obama is using it.

  • You can converse with the users on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • You can host virtual conferences, wherein you can talk with up to ten participants and use tools.
  • You can broadcast your message live to audiences worldwide.
  • You can build brand awareness through video demonstrations.

9. Upload photos and videos

In the perspective of SEO, you need to practise this strategy for two reasons. One, you can integrate targeted keywords in the captions. Second, you can possibly rank for image searches.

Of course, it is also important for making your page more engaging and appealing. Finally, you can use pictures to give your customers an initial look into your offers.

10. Understand the interactions around your content

You can do this by taking advantage of Social Reports, a new feature of Google Analytics. Through it, you can determine the effectiveness of your Google Plus strategies towards the enhancement of your search ranking and the accomplishment of your business goals.

So there you have ten ideas to guide you on how to combine your Google+ activities with SEO. Hopefully, you can promote a good brand image on your page and on the Internet using these strategies.

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Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

32 thoughts on “10 Great Google+ SEO Techniques for 2017

  1. Hii Gaurav !
    For me, i have just applied about 3-4/10+ tips that you introduced, but i will apply it for now 🙂
    When google plus was given by google, i think it’s just an effect of “boss”, but now, when a lot of traffic also be got through google +, and i believed it (too late 🙁 ( )

    1. Hello! Don’t think that it is too late. Remember that the Web is constantly progressing, so whatever new strategy you apply, you can still obtain good results from it. This applies mostly if you practise effective methods.

  2. “Despite the fact that it is a newcomer in the industry, it has already amassed approximately 250 million users.”

    True, but the problem is that it still doesn’t have automatic broadcast for posts from other services (like LiveJournal and Facebook) and it’s G+ button brakes CSS compatibility (it does not validate). Big problems, I think…

    1. While other social networking sites like Facebook and LiveJournal has more advantages, Google+ still has great points such as the Google+ Local, which is a modification of Google Places. This is great for boosting a local business’ online visibility.

  3. Yes – What the articles sums up to me personally is to be active online and engage with users as well as making use of the full potential Google+ offers the user; like hangouts and sharing circles which is all part of marketing your website and or personal persona.

    Thanks Gaurav..

  4. These indeed are great techniques which I highly recommend to each and every blogger out there to follow. It will definitely help us all a lot.

  5. Very informative and useful post This will help a lot to me as a new one in blogging. This idea enhances my capability. Thanks for sharing this and its a very big help for me..

  6. Great post Gaurav! Google+ is such a great social media site, but it’s even better when you can use it effectively to boost traffic. I’ll be using some of these tips myself, especially the ‘ripples’ function.

    All the best

  7. Promoting one’s google plus page is important but the problem is there are very few people on google plus. In essence, few people share news via g+

    1. While there are a few people on Google+, we can benefit from the fact that our profile page can rank in Google search results. When that happens and several users, who are not on the social networking service, see our content, they might just be enticed to join our circle. In time, Google+ will greatly expand.

    1. It is true that Facebook and Twitter are effective social media sites given that they have been on the Web first than Google+. Then again, we can benefit from the latter, especially with the fact that it is under one of the biggest multinational corporations and that Google Plus pages can rank in SERPs.

      With that said, there is no harm in including Google+ in our social media activities.

  8. let me tell you ………include as many people as you can in your google circle , it will help you alot in indexing your page faster

  9. I have never listen about Google plus but i am glad that i am not so much late for that.it a very valuable information that you have mentioned in your posts.it can be very useful for our work

  10. Hey Gaurav!

    Google plus is a new promising platform for bloggers when it comes to SEO. People neglected it when it was launched but now Google has announced on and off that it counts circles of authors and +1s of posts.

  11. Hiii sir
    Sir please tell me google plus is giving a dofollow link , when any article or website link post on google plus account ?

    1. Yes Google+ gives you a dofollow backlink but Google won’t count it as a backlink. it’ll be a social share for google which won’t give you a link juice.


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