10 Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Users in 2017

Social media is good when you utilize it appropriately. If approached wrongly, however, it can do serious damage to the reputation of your small business or brand. If you plan to influence your target market by using different social media platforms in an effective manner, you should always remember to adhere to some key do’s and don’ts.

Given below are 10 of the most important ones.

#1. Interact Effectively

Social media is all about getting social, as much as you can be. Interaction is the very essence that keeps social media thrive. Though it can take time to know how to interact in an effective manner, you can learn it from other industry influencers and with more practice. What’s really important is that you know how to strike the correct balance between promoting your own products (or services) and providing content that offers real value.

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#2. Don’t Hesitate to Follow the Competition

Most of the online marketers are averse to following their competitors. This is not the right attitude. While using social media, you should be open to following even your competitors and having a closer look at their strategy. In any case, always treat your competitors with respect.

#3. Share a Variety of Content

If your shared content on social media is really share-worthy, it can go viral in minutes. In order to increase the viral potential of your content, you should focus on the quality as well as the type. For example, images, videos and infographics carry more viral potential as compared to other content types.

#4. Don’t Respond Late

Successful social media users are some of the most active online marketers. While using different social media platforms, you will receive comments, likes, feedback, questions etc. You should always remember to pay attention to your audience’s responses in a timely manner. Show the audience that you are right there behind your products.

#5. Promote Others’ Good Stuff

No matter which social media platform you participate at, it’s all about sharing content that provides real value to the user. Promoting your own stuff blatantly can easily ruin your business reputation or get you banned. It’s, therefore, advisable to share the good content that others post.

#6. Don’t Lie

Social media users or online marketers should always remember not to lie to project something that’s not the reality. By being unauthentic or hiding or lying can lead to serious consequences. Avoid it at all cost!

#7. Optimize Social Media Pages

You might be aware of the fact that content shared on social media also appears in search engine results. That’s a clear indication of how SEO can be applied to improve the visibility of your social media pages and reach out to a larger number of audience.

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#8. Don’t Get Too Wordy

Most of the social media websites have character limits for content you want to post. If you are using social platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to keep your updates succinct.

#9. Attract Visually

Pinterest, a visuals base social media website, has gained wide popularity in short span of time. It’s because of its visual book-marking features. We are actually visual creatures and are attracted by visual elements too. So, make sure your social media profiles or pages look visually appealing.

#10. Don’t Have One Strategy for All Social Networks

There are different types of social media platforms in terms of geographical reach and audience demographics. If you think the same strategy can be applied to all the social platforms where you participate, you are making a huge mistake. Work out unique strategies based on specific requirements.

Are you an active social media user? If you have some more tips or want to share your own views, please feel free to comment.

Thank you so much for reading one of my posts. I hope you’ve found incredible value in it. Stay connected & I have lots more great stuff to share with you.

14 thoughts on “10 Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Users in 2017

  1. Wonderful post giving very detailed information about how to use social media. I don’t think a blogger can survive without social media marketing in today’s world.
    thanks for sharing this

  2. Numbers 2, 5 & 7 are really good. This is very good tip sheet. I didn’t even think to optimize my Facebook page. I mean I’ve seen it show up in searched before but I think it could be better.


  3. I admit that I am guilty of #4. The reason is that I get busy and when I go back to Twitter and see that someone retweeted or shared my post, I feel that too much time has gone by to thank them. I know that this is just an excuse. I should probably visit each social media platform at least once every two days or so.

    Thank you! Suzanne

  4. Social media is now best place for bloggers & small business holders. You added some excellent points what to do in this Social media & what to omit in Social media.

  5. The social media platforms are different but the idea is the same right?
    Isn’t the goal to share your latest posts on the different platforms?

    How can you have a unique strategy for each?

    1. The basic idea of participating at social media networks is to listen to your target audience, understand their likes and dislikes, engage with them genuinely and offer something of real value to simplify their day-to-day lives.

      Sharing your latest posts is never an ultimate goal. Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to achieve different goals. You may want to promote a product or a service. You may want to sell an e-book. You may also want to generate business leads.

      Thanks for your comment, Jacko

  6. Yes never lie to your readers, followers and customers as you will lose all that you have. Credibility is one of the most important on a website because the more you are popular and trusted the more people will go and have business with you.

  7. Great post,
    Found it at right time as I am not able to put my thoughts into words but this tips will now help me to put it in words thanks

  8. These are very good tips and this list is definitely worth reading! Social media networks should be used to target your audience and try to relate to them in terms of their likes and dislikes, engage with them by creating competitions etc. for them to participate in.

  9. These are really great do’s which can help us in growth of our business. Actually many people know but to do and hence they do the same but people are not aware of dont do’s . So this is really a great article which will really help all the bloggers & specially new bloggers like me

  10. This is a great post with some great tips for businesses leveraging social media. The best tip that relates to me is don’t respond late. If a visitor or customer takes the time to visit your social profile and leave a comment, a business should be active on the page and respond to comments. So try and keep as active as you can because who knows you could be missing out on your potential best client.

  11. I’m guessing you are new to blogging? When I began I asked everyone the same question, the problem is there is not a simple answer.

    A few obvious ideas:
    1. Start a FB & Twitter Page – Started mine 11 months ago got 4000 likes
    2. What you’re doing now, comment for links. – Every page, not just homepage
    3. Update your blog at least 2 times a week. – I update mine 3 times daily
    4. Submit site to article directories – just type in on Google for list
    5. Once getting traffic, start forums

    A Few not so obvious:
    1. Add a privacy policy to your site – Gets you Moztrust
    2. Always have one Google add on your site – you help them, they help you
    3. Create a Google Plus Page – You help them, they help you
    4. Add links on Yahoo Answers & Trip Adviser Forums – Traffic & Good links
    5. Don’t overdue Affiliate programs, search engines do not like this.

    Using the above I went from 4 per day from Google 11 months ago to 500 from Google and 300 from Social Media per day today.

    Best of luck, 90% of bloggers give up in the first 3 months. Hopefully you will be in that 10%!

  12. Hi Gaurav,
    Your article on the topic 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Users includes the information that i was looking for.
    Your post includes great tips and you managed to keep it simple and understandable.
    Your post helps me to understand what [Article Title or Topic Title] really is, and i will surely recommend it to other people.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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