How I Doubled My Traffic in One Week

Do you have a blog with good content, but still receive minimal traffic? I was at that point about three weeks ago, and

How to Double your Traffic
Best Ways to Increase Traffic

it really was annoying me. I thought I was doing everything I should have been doing to get as many visitors as possible, but that was obviously incorrect. Well, after talking to some people and getting some things worked out, I managed to double my traffic, and being the kind of guy that I am, I will be talking about how I did it.

Increasing Posting Schedule

As discussed in an article titled “The Key to Success “, I noticed that my posting schedule wasn’t frequent enough. Out of seven days a week, I only posted three of those days. What did I do to change this? I started posting every day of the week.

Now, you may be wondering how posting more content can help you gain traffic. It’s simple. If you are posting very frequently like I am, people will have a reason to come back to your blog. If it is QUALITY content, then those repeat visitors will tell others. It’s a domino e effect, at that point.

The great thing is, I only have to write an article once a day. If I don’t want to do any work tomorrow, I can just write two articles today, which will take me a little bit over an hour. It’s not a lot of time spent on such a big investment.

Commenting on Other Blogs

One of the easiest things I have ever done to increase my traffic was to comment on other blogs. Every webmaster, whether you’re a blogger or not, need to comment on other people’s blogs. It confuses me as to why many do not.

By commenting on a blog, you are allowed a link to your website, as well as the comment itself. So, you are voicing your opinion – what attracts people to click on the link – and a link, itself. It’s FREE advertising! All you have to do is look up blogs within your niche and comment on their articles. Some blogs I comment on include…

Shout me Loud, Blogging Cage, Pro Blogger, Kiss Metrics

Giving Help

One of the most critical things that I do is helping others. Let’s say someone comments on I will go to their website, much like I do for everyone else. I then will find things about that website and either comment on their website – helping them out – or email them suggestions to IMPROVE their website.

By helping others, I again get word-of-mouth advertising. Not only that, but by helping someone else, they usually give me some tips, too. In all, I really get a 110% payback, even if money is not involved.

Using These Techniques… I have managed to double my traffic very easily. But I’d like to know… What helps for you?


For Your Health and Happiness

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